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Public Campus Ministry Day July 22, 2017

Public Campus Ministries held its first Public Campus Ministry Day on Sabbath, July 22nd, at the Johnson Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. The day's highlights included a powerful soul stirring sermon by Stanley Philord, from the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church and a senior at the University of the Bahamas. He shared testimonies about standing for God on the campus and experiencing how God faithfully determined the outcome in his favor.

College and University students were also given their ambassadorship pin and consecrated to God with two prayers by Pastor Paul Scavella, President of the South Bahamas Conference and Joan Scavella, Education Director of South Bahamas Conference. The afternoon concluded with a forum on relationships where the youth dramatized, recited poetry, spoken word and songs that reflected their commitment to be faithful to God. Bethany and Centreville Churches Youth Choirs ministered in song throughout the day. Special thanks to the Johnson Park Youth Department for hosting this event and to the Interim Youth Director, Patrick Wilson Jr. and his team of coordinators for their graceful contribution.

ABOVE PHOTO: From right to left: Patrick Wilson, Jr. Interim Youth Leader for the South Bahamas Conference; Stanley Philord, student at University of The Bahamas and speaker at the meeting; Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Public Campus Ministries Director, South Bahamas Conference

Mayaguana Mission -- A Unique Caring Ministry with a Twist

Kenneth and Nicky Williams, members of the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas, are leading a vibrant group of Adventists to the island of Mayaguana, The Bahamas, on a caring and sharing mission trip they call "Mayaguana Mission."

The island of Mayaguana is 327 miles southeast of New Providence with a population of 277 and 108 square miles. This is sparsely populated compared to New Providence with 250,000 people and 80 square miles. There is no Adventist presence on the island and very little, much-needed social and spiritual activity. Therefore, Kenneth had a dream to do something special and different on the island. He want and active mission on the island and also provide television coverage on Hope TV and WORD SBC 88.3 FM on the island.

During this summer a number of Adventists from different churches in New Providence are on Mayaguana providing health lectures, Bible study, and other programs to benefit the residents of the island. They are enjoying nature and sharing in a unique evangelism package. Here are some current photos.

More photos coming soon.



Public Campus Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Dr. Joseph Evans New Book on Sex

Dr. Joseph Evans, the leading Urologist in The Bahamas, and a member of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, Nassau; recently published a book entitled "161 Sexual Myths" The book is available at the Adventist Book Center, Chapter One at the University of The Bahamas, and the Bahamas Urology Center, Mount Royal Avenue. The book can also be purchased on, Barns and Noble, and in Kindle format.

161 SEXUAL MYTHS is a compilation of commonly heard sexual myths. Facts rebutting the myths are logical, medically correct and scientifically sound. Some myths would seem comical but the consequences can be serious.

Most of these myths were noted over the years by the author. His interest in these myths was stimulated when he found that no

book or specific volume was available on the subject. He chose to write the first specific book on the subject. 161 SEXUAL MYTHS is the result of his efforts.

Dr. Evans says that this book is especially valuable for adolescents and young adults. These individuals are bombarded daily with incorrect sexual information. 161 SEXUAL MYTHS clears up a web of confusion.

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