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Photos of the Memorial and Funeral Services for Pastor Silas N. McKinney

Photos of the Memorial and Funeral Service for the late Pastor Silas N. McKinney held on Friday, July 29, 2016, at 6 p.m. and Sunday, July 31, 2016, at 10:00 a.m., at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas. The photos were taken by Derek Smith (photo on the right).

State-Recognized Funeral Photos

Above is the sermon only by Pastor Joseph. The full-length video of service will come soon.

The Prime Minister arrives at the funeral

The Governor arrives at the funeral

The casket.

Pastor Paul Scavella and Hon. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the Opposition

Prime Minister Hon. Perry Christie greeting Pastor Israel Laito, president of the Inter-American Division

A former Govenor General, Hon Arthur Hanna, age 88, arrives at the funeral.

Two former presidents of the Adventist Church in The Bahamas greet each other. Left is Pastor Leslie McMillan, retired and currently residing in Florida; and right is Pastor Hugh A. Roach, also retired.

The congregation singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the State-Recognized Funeral

The casket draped with the National Flag

Governor General Dame Pindling, greeting Neil McKinney

A portion of the McKinney generations attending the funeral on Sunday, July 31, 2016 at the Hillview Church

Pastor Paul Scavella and Pastor Leonard Johnson getting some things together.

The soloists: Colyn Major, Portia Barnett, Stacy Campbell Marshall

Platform participants: Tanya Hanna, cousin of Pastor McKinney; Dr. Avis Hendrickson, president of Atlantic Union College, Massachusetts, USA; Dr. John Carey

Pastor Michael Smith, president of Turks and Caicos Mission; Pastor Henry Moncur, president of the North Bahamas Conference; Pastor Noel Fraser, former president of the West Indies Union and best friend of Pastor Silas N. McKinney

Pastor Peter Joseph, son-in-law of Pastor Silas McKinney, speaking at the funeral upon Pastor McKinney's request.

Listening to the sermon: Pastor Israel Leito (right), president of the Adventist Church in Inter-America and Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the Adventist Church comprising of The Bahamas Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos.

The honor guards (Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force) take the casket to the hearse after the service at the church.

The official caravan to begin the 3.5 mile journey to the Lake View Cemetery

Graveside Photos


The son and grandsons of Pastor Silas McKinney

The family

Pastor Eric D. Clarke, Youth Director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union

Pastor C. Melvin Lewis, treasurer of the South Bahamas Conference giving the prayer

Grands and great grand

The Sentinels Quartet singing at the Memorial Services

Raymond Antonio, a musician at the memorial

Allison Mason Rolle singing at the Memorial Services "I Set My Mind on Another Time."

Pastor Noel Fraser (left), former president of the West Indies Union and a friend of Pastor McKinney for 64 years. Pastor Trevor Thompson, former pastors of the Adventist Churches in Grand Bahama; and Pastor Welburn of Jamaica.

Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union preaching during the memorial services. Nearly three hundred friends and family members attended the inspirational services at the Hillview Church.

President of the The Bahamas Christian Council, Dr. Ranford Patterson, bringing condolences.

Pastor Johnson preaching

Pastor Peter Kerr, Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union

Ruth McKinney with Michelle and Peter, Neil, and Mrs. Moxey, a family friend.

Willis McKinney, from Crooked Island and a cousin of Pastor McKinney bringing a tribute.

Marva Farquharson, a descendant of Crooked Island

Michael McCoy, first elder of the Grant's Town Church bringing a tribute

Grant's Town Church Choir

Photos at Lake View Cemetery

Take by Derek Smith

Tributes & Condolences Remembering the Life of Pastor Silas N.McKinney

Send your Tributes or condolences to

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Below are condolences and tributes remembering the life of Pastor Silas N. McKinney, the first Bahamian president for the Adventist Church in The Bahamas, who died on Saturday, July 16,2016.

Below is a letter from the president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Ted Wilson

  • WILLIAMS: Dear Sister Ruth McKinney and Family, I am so sorry to hear about Pastor McKinney’s passing. I hope that the love of family and friends will comfort and strengthen you in the days ahead. May memories ease your sorrow and may time bring you peace. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10. I am praying for you. In His care. Maranatha! Lilly Williams and family, Adventist Frontier Missions, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA
  • WILLIAMS: Hello Sister Ruth, It's my pleasure to send some cheer and love your way. Our Pastor Silas N. McKinney was a special and precious to us. I remembered how He came out to my home at the time of my husband death in 1983 and brought words of comfort and encouragement to me and my family. He made us smile with some humor. I watched the Memorable Services on last evening and was indeed blessed to share in those precious moments. Sending Comfort, love and warm hugs. Veronica Williams
  • FORD: On behave of my family and I we will like to sympathize with the McKinney family on the passing of a great stalwart for Jesus -pastor McKinney. May God keep you all save in the Hallows of his hand. Karen Ford
  • HANNAS: We mourn with you because of the death of Pastor Silas McKinney, a courageous Christian, evangelist, pastor, administrator, and mentor to many. Like you, his beloved family, we also take comfort in the confident hope of his resurrection to eternal life through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Martin Hanna and Family, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan
  • WELLS: Our deepest sympathy to you and the children. A great man has gone to his final resting place . Have courage Sis McKinney . This world is not our home we are only passing through.We will all meet him in that getting up morning . We love you Sis McKinney . God's blessings on you. Marilyn Wells
  • MAJORS: TRIBUTE...CONDOLENCES. To the Family of the late Pastor Silas N. McKinney! A general in the Army of the Lord has laid down his sword and shield.A great Warrior for the Cross has passed to his rest. This former president of The Bahamas Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. As, twice president of the Adventist Church in The Bahamas, former president of The West Indies Union of Seventh-day Adventists has gone to his rest. He was a trailblazer, a pathfinder, a man of indominant spirit and courage, indefatigable. He was a man of stature and noble bearing and to some, quite formidable. But he was a man of the people, loving and generous, he had a great sense of humor. He truly was unforgettable. He never forgot his roots, never forgot his origins.I have many personal memories of him. Among those are the fact that he gave me my first full-time job. After graduating from Oakwood University (Alabama) in 1972, I moved on to Ohio State University for graduate school. In August, 1974, I returned to The Bahamas to start working as the accountant for The Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Nassau, Bahamas. He, as an old family friend, looked out for my interests, as I saw him do for many people during my tenure. He was a mentor from whom I learned much, directly and indirectly. His counsel and advice was readily available. Watching him in action was a lesson book. He could talk with anybody, high or low. He was no respecter of persons, yet he gave respect and honor where they were due. He could make anybody feel at ease. He could diffuse explosive or tense situations, knew how to be a peacemaker. Additionally, during that now famous crusade, in Farrington Road (1961/2/3),where the dynamic duo of "Mack and Mack" was born, I was one of the young persons baptized as a result of this effort conducted by Pastor McKinney and Pastor Leslie V. McMillanHis friendship with my parents go way, way back, so permit me a few personal memories. He nicknamed one of my younger brothers "Sputnik" after the Russians spaceship. He was in the audience as my young brother sang a solo at the "then Englerston Church", I believe. As a youngster, I have fond memories of Sunday Morning Fellowships at my parents house, attended by Pastor McKinney, his older brother, taxi driver Bro. Arthur McKinney and countless others of their friends/colleagues where the "boil fish or stew fish" was king of the menu.
    When I left the Conference to begin as a lecturer at The College of The Bahamas in 1975, I left with his good wishes. When I informed him of my intention, he expressed disappointment and painted a bright future for me with the organization, even wondered if I had considered the ministry, which he also did when I first joined the organization. But I left with his blessing and good will.
    To his dear wife, my former teacher, Sister Ruth McKinney, I pray that may you be comforted by the memories and the reminder that soon you will see him again.
    To the children, Rosa, Michelle, Neil and their families, I say, "be encouraged because the 'gleams of the golden morning' are fast approaching. So be faithful...soon Jesus will come, and you will meet your father again." I and my wife Olga will keep you all in our prayers.
    To the entire Adventist Family, here and abroad, especially the many personally touched by this 5-star General for Christ, let us give God thanks for this great soldier of the cross, who touched many lives in many ways. Let us be certain that we make our calling and election sure so that we will be a part of that "Great Reunion Day".
    Until that "great gettin-up mornin" then, when "the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God..." and all of our loved ones who are now resting in Jesus shall rise first: and those who are alive and remain "shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." Be comforted by these words. Blessings! Don L. Major and Family
  • GISBSON: I can imagine the pain of separation when you lose a loved one. Losing a mother, a sibling or a child each bring a different kind of grief. In losing a spouse one is losing a part of oneself that you have to do without for the rest of your life. The heart has been torn and the mending process takes a while. But the one who is in charge of mending broken hearts is Jesus, who Himself suffered a broken heart upon separation from His Father upon His death on the cross. Knowing that there is someone out there who knows and feels what you are going through helps in your grief because He promises each day to bear our burdens and share in our grief.
    I heard about Pastor McKinney as a powerful evangelist but finally got to meet him in when I attended Skinner's College of Business Studies in Nassau. I was living with Pastor and Sis. Leslie McMillan. I moved to Grand Bahama permanently in 1971 and attended the Eight Mile Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor McKinney became my Pastor in 1982 and I got married in 1984. He performed by marriage ceremony. He conducted crusades, preached at conventions and one of his favorite songs that he loved for me to sing was "Hard Fighting Soldier" by the Sensational Nightingales. He never got tired of hearing it and I never got tired of singing it. I remember one Sunday night we were broadcasting a service over ZNS radio station. He was the speaker and the choir had just finish singing the special music just before his sermon. I was totally congested and my nostril was stuffed up to the point that it was difficult for me to breathe. He turned to the choir and said Sis Era come and sing that song for me, Hard Fighting Soldier.
    I said a prayer, Lord you have to do something because I can't breathe properly let alone sing. The Lord did do something, my nasal passage opened up and I sang the song backed by the choir. When I was through singing, I was completely stuffed up again.
    I love to go fishing and Bro. Steve Burrows and I would go out in the boat nearly every Sunday. Pastor McKinney himself loved to catch fish and loved to eat them. So he asked to go fishing with us but that day the weather was to rough and so we went on rocks and in the canals but caught nothing. Steve decided to go to Burma Oil out at South Riding Point and we caught a few tiny ones but he was the only one who caught a nice big one to "stink up the rice" as he said. I worked to Syntex and he told me Rosa was out of school and was looking for a job, could I look out for her. That was perfect timing because I was really looking for an assistant in Benefits and Compensation at that time and told my supervisor about her She was very qualified having already obtained her degree. She was hired and we became very close and she would spend weekends at my home. She .loved to fish and even though she was wearing a neck brace at the time, due to serious accident she was involved in before she came to Grand Bahama, that did not slow her down. She was her daddy's child and she would climb big rocks and boulders just to get to a fishing spot.
    Pastor was a good storyteller and he had so many stories to tell from his ministry He had a good "ear" and was never too busy to listen. He made you feel at ease right away and anyone who met him was drawn to him. He was a preacher's Preacher and he knew his bible. You never yawned during his sermons because you did not want to miss anything he as saying. He was truly called and chosen. He made everything look so easy and you felt very comfortable in his presence. One of the great ones as a preacher and a human being. Me and my brother would always talk about him and God's Holy Spirit anointing upon his life. He made me want to be a better person and a better christian and very proud to hold my head up and give thanks to God for this "Message". And so Sister Ruth, I am looking forward to the day when Jesus will come and take all of us to live with Him and His Father and the holy angels throughout eternity. It wont be long, soon we'll be going home and instead of 68 and a half years, you will have eternity to be together. Until then, keep your hand in the hand of the one who calm trouble waters. May god continue to bless and keep you.
    I offer my love and sympathy to you and Rosa, Michelle and Neil. Someone said that sympathy is your pain in my heart.
    Era (ne Green) and Ernest Gibson
  • WALTERS: Words are inadequate to express the sorrow that we feel at this time on the loss of a great man of God; however, our hearts rejoice as we anticipate the coming of the Lord when we reunite with our friend in Christ. Pastor McKinney has left an indelible mark on the lives of many in the family of the Seventh-day Adventist Church His dynamic, inspirational, humorous and edifying sermons, his friendship that had no boundaries and his love for the work of the church. Sister McKinney, Rosa, Michelle and Neil, we mourn with you during this time and encourage you to do the same; but, with great hope because we mourn not as others do but we put our faith and trust in the blessed hope of the resurrection. As you continue on this journey, we want you to know that we are praying for you that God will grant you comfort, strength, faith and courage during this time. His promises are sure, "I will never leave you" Continue to hold fast to His promises. Blessings to you and the family. Regards, G.S. Walters and Family, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • BARRON: Sister Ruth, I am in New Jersey where I came to burry my cousin who died last week. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I am at a lost for words. May your faith keep you through this terribable time of loss. Love you. Pastor Richard "Dick" Barron
  • HONORE: Dear Sister McKinney: I can not at this time come in person to the funeral to pay my respects to the memory of my dear friend and colleague. I am from a distance participating with all my heart and my prayers, in support of the entire family, and of you personally. We share the same blessed hope and assurance to see him again in the great and glorious morning of the resurrection. And as my late daughter told us before leaving us, the separation will not be long. May God grant you all the Divine support available and His Holy hand be in everything being done to honor the memory of Pastor Mckinney. Dr. Elie Honore, Inter-American Division
  • MARSHALLECKS: Pastor Silas N. McKinney will be remembered by us, as a visionary, a good administrator, a mighty warrior for souls and for the church. He was a mobilizer of the youth and an outstanding evangelist. Truly he has fought a good fight and he has kept the faith. We would like to express our condolences to the family on the passing of a dear husband, father, and friend to so many, including us from West Indies Training College days. Alton and Edith Marshalleck, former workers in the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
  • THOMPSONS T & J: Our dear Sister Ruth, Pastor Silas Napoleon McKinney will be remembered by all who came to know and love him as a Christian gentleman, and a preacher of righteousness. No words are adequate to express our deep heart felt sense of this loss, of husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, plus the long list of in laws, this loss of a beloved friend, a respected colleague, a cherished mentor, and admired fellow worker. We can add that the Bahamas has lost a stalwart son of the soil, a renown statesman, an exemplary citizen. Then we can add to all of this that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been the benefactor of a loyal church member, a visionary and ardent church pastor, an extraordinary administrator who has served with distinction in the former West Indies Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, as well as the first Bahamian entrusted with the delicate care of the infant Bahamas Mission during the 1960s which has by God's grace come of age today maturing into two thriving conferences, North and South Bahamas. May God continue to give you Sister Ruth the strength and fortitude necessary for the days ahead. Please give us the date and hour of the service so we can make travel plans. Your friends, Trevor & Jean Thompson
  • THOMPSONS H. A: Tribute to the late Dr Silas N. McKinney MA, D.Div, DPS. Dr Silas McKinney was one of the most striking examples of the work- study programme pioneered by West Indies College, precursor to what is now Northern Caribbean University. As a product of Seventh-day Adventist education, he was one of the finest examples of giving back to the organization which gave him the opportunity to become an individual of worth, in spite of his humble Crooked Island background. Dr McKinney was an historian extraordinaire who was able to engage the brightest minds with gripping historical details from World War Two to the family connections among people from the various Islands of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas to the Seventh-day Adventist heritage of the Islands of the Caribbean. Dr McKinney was an ardent supporter of the Adventist brand of education and was proud to speak of the fact that when he graduated from West Indies College as a young minister, he returned home to the Bahamas with his Diploma in one hand and his wife, Ruth, in the other. From that day forward, they formed a team dedicated to the upliftment of people from all walks of life through their lifetime of service to the education and salvation of thousands of people. Dr McKinney often spoke of the hypocrisy displayed by those Adventist Church members who were quick to give lip service to Adventist Christian Education but never thought it was good enough for their children. He and his wife set the solid example by sending their three children to Adventist Schools and the fact that their grand children are products of Adventist Christian Education is no coincidence. When Dr McKinney became the President of the then West Indies Union in 1991, the stage was set for the demonstration of his unswerving commitment to the development of Christian Higher Education in Jamaica, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was he who, as Chairman of the Board of Governors of West Indies College, reminded Conference Presidents that the College President should not attend Board Meetings to compete with Conference high schools for limited funds. He reminded them that, without West Indies College, "none of us would be privileged to hold seats on the College Board." Here was the first Board Chair who believed and demonstrated that matters of education should be handled by educators and academics, laying the foundation for the transition of West Indies College to Northern Caribbean University. In paying tribute to the late Dr Silas McKinney, we who have been the benefactors of his thoughtful benevolence recall, with gratitude, his kindness and inclusion of "the least of these." He leveled the playing field and insisted that benefits were to be extended to each worker as outlined by policy, giving status and self-worth to every worker, no matter the level at which she served. He pioneered the charge to ensure that workers employed within the denomination received livable wages and demanded that a record of service be kept for each employee. We pledge to honour his memory by preserving and expanding the institutions which he helped to build and by practicing the elements of the love and respect which he showed for all persons. And we pray that God will preserve and protect his partner and strong tower throughout life, Lady Ruth McKinney.Herbert & Avery Thompson
  • NORTH BAHAMAS CONFERENCE: The North Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists extend condolences to Sister Ruth McKinney and family on the passing of a visionary leader and compassionate minister. Pastor McKinney meant so much to the North Bahamas Conference, particularly, Grand Bahama. He served as the pastor for the Freeport, West End and Eight Mike Rock churches in the early 1980s. Many persons in the North Bahamas share a deep bond with Pastor McKinney. This lost will be felt throughout our conference territory. As we pray for Sis. Ruth McKinney and the rest of the family, our challenge is, that the evangelistic spirit of Pastor McKinney will capture the hearts of all the members of our conference. From Pastor Henry R. Moncur, president, Andrew E. Burrows, executive secretary, Tonia M. Palmer, treasurer, and the entire membership of the of the North Bahamas Conference
  • CLARKE: To the family of Pastor Silas N. McKinney: My sympathy goes out to his wife "Lady" Ruth, Pastor Peter Joseph and his wife Michael and his two sons; Neal McKinney, his wife and his two sons, and Rosa and her family. I am praying that the Lord will keep you all strong during this time of bereavement on the passing your husband, father, and grand father. Love always. Arnold Clarke and family.
  • MINNIS: Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, Member of Parliament for Killarney and Leader of the official Opposition in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, extends condolences to The McKinney Family and to the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists and to the Seventh-day Adventist congregation and community on the passing of past-president, Pastor Silas N. McKinney. May God strengthen and keep you as you deal with the loss of a committed man of God, husband, father, brother, pastor, teacher and friend. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted… “ Matthew 5:4
  • THOMPSON, Florida: When Aunt Ruth, informed me of Elder McKinney’s passing on Sabbath, July 16, 2016 for a moment it appeared like time stopped. Pastor McKinney was my mentor. He was like my father. He was an outstanding evangelist and church administrator of the highest order. nd so, my wife (Denise) along with our children: Kevin, Deangelo, and Jewel coupled with our grandchildren: Jeffrey III and Madison joins me in extending condolences to Aunt Ruth, Rosa, Neil & Marlene, Michelle & Pastor Peter Joseph and to all members of the McKinney family. Remember, “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.” Blessings. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Senior Pastor Ft. Lauderdale Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • HENRY Jamaica: Another stalwart has fallen after giving his life of dedicated service to the God he loved and the church to which he was called to pastor and lead at various times during his committed service. We are thankful that God lent us this servant leader to help move His church and His school forward as He saw appropriate. May God grant his family immediate and extended, the fortitude to keep looking up and lifting up your heads because "our redemption draweth nigh" . We anticipate God's great getting up morning, when the saints of God will rise. Undoubtedly Pastor McKinney will be among the faithful with outstretched hands. Keep faithful Sister McKinney and family, we await the coming of the Lifegiver, it will not be much longer. Beverly Henry and sons, Mandeville, Jamaica
  • EWEN: The Grants Town and Cat Island Churches send condolences and prayers for the family of Pastor McKinney. Pastor Mark Ewen
  • SCAVELLA: The elders and members of the South Andros district inclusive of Mangrove Cay extended to Mrs. Ruth McKinney and her family sincere condolences on the passing of Pastor Silas N. McKinney. Our prayers are with you all. Pastor Paul ScavellA
  • JOHNSON: We want on behalf of the Agape and Ephesus churches extend a heart felt condolence to the McKinney and Joseph family. Pastor Carl Johnson.
  • ROLLE: The Seventh day Adventist Churches in Acklins and Crooked Island extend heartfelt condolence to Aunt Ruth, Rosa, Michelle & Peter, Neil & Marlene on the passing of their husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, Pastor Silas N. McKinney Please know that you are in our prayers for the strength as you walk this lonesome journey albeit not by yourselves but with Jesus. Pastor Leo Rolle
  • The pastor, elders and members of the Real Harvest and Ebenezer district extends condolence to the McKinney family on the passing of Pastor Silas N. McKinney. Our prayers are with them. Also to Pastor Joseph; may God be with you and Michelle, Neil and Marlene and Rosa in this time of grief.
  • WILLIAMS: The Living Faith Church family took a moment of silence on Sabbath to remember the family and to pay respect to one of our great church leaders Pastor Silas N. McKinney. Accept of deepest condolences. Rest till Jesus comes! Pastor Craig Williams
  • BUTLER-TURNER: Today l pause to join sad hearts as we remember the exemplary life of the First President of the Bahamas Seventh-day Adventists Church, Pastor Silas N. McKinney who passed away today. Pastor McKinney was a pioneer Bahamian Adventist who served as president in two non-consecutive terms. Firstly, from 1964- 1976; and again from 1986-1990. On behalf of my family and I, heartfelt condolences are extended to his family members and the entire congregation of Adventists throughout the Bahamas. Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner
  • SIMMONS: To the McKinney Family, on the passing of one of God' faithful and outstanding servants, Dr.Silas McKinney, Marilyn and I send our deepest sympathies, so on and very soon there will be a reunion. Pastor Carlyle and Marilyn Simmons, Bermuda and former executive secretary of Atlantic Union Conference, Mass.
  • GRANT: My sincere sympathies and prayers to the family of Pastor Silas McKinney and to the Adventist church has family. Pastor McKinney was a true champion of his beliefs to the end. He sleeps in Jesus.Pastor Melvin A. Grant and The Remnant Tabernacle of Praise, Carmichael Road.
  • James J. Catalyn
  • Paula Barker-Montrose
  • Sharell Ali McIntosh
  • Pierre Beloni
  • Oswald Williams, Jr
  • Ezra Mackey
  • Sheila Woods

Text condolences to 242-477 4002. Or email to

Good News Church Responds to Community Needs

On Thursday, July 22, 2016, The Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Flamingo Estates, Southern New Providence, hosted the graduation ceremony for the Ministry of Social Services and Community Development Affairs Division Family Life Summer Program. Attending the occasion was the Hon. Melanie Griffin, Minister of Social Services and Community Development. Over 200 people packed the fellowship hall of the Good News Church from the following Family Life Centers: Flamingo Gardens, Elizabeth Estates, and Aastra Estates.

This program was a part of the Church's mandate to partner with the Government, the Community and Corporate Bahamas as they seek to touch lives while implementing Lord Transform Me (on this occasion the third component, Connect and Share).

Representatives from the church (as pictured above) were: Pastor T. Basil Sturrup, Elder Kevin Sterling, Personal Ministries Leader and Charlotte Culmer, Lord Transform Me Coordinator for "Connect and Share.

On August 28, 2016 the Good News Church will host it's "Back to School and Fun Day" on the grounds of the church where they will distribute 500 school bags and other supplies to children in the community; offer free hair cuts for boys, plaiting/braiding of hair for girls and distribute free Bible Lesson Study Guides.

The Good News Adventist Church is located off Carmichael Road, on the South West division of the island of New Providence. The first pastor of the church was Jeff Thompson.

Below are photos of the event:

Photos contributed by: T. Basil Sturrup


Below are hotel rates for guests planning to attend the memorial or funeral services for Pastor Silas N. McKinney on Friday, July 29 and Sunday July 31, 2016, in Nassau, The Bahamas. The information below is for your convenience and may not include all information or up-to-date pricing. Use the numbers to call.

Meliá Nassau Beach - 242-327-6000

  • Single Room All Inclusive: $330.00 per person
  • Single Room Not All Inclusive: $308.00 per person
  • Double Room All Inclusive: $460.00 per person
  • Double Room Not All Inclusive: $308.00 per person

Breezes Resort All Inclusive - 242-327-5356

  • Single Room Local Price: $275.00 per person
  • Single Room Guest Price: $389.00 per person
  • Double Room Local Price: $400.00 per person
  • Double Room Guest Price: $516.00 per person

Comfort Suites Paradise Island - 242-363-3680

  • Single Room 1 Person: $230.49 per person
  • Single Room Double Occupancy: $250.48 per person
  • Double Room Weekdays: $280.04 per person
  • Double Room Weekends: $314.00 per person

Orange Hill Beach In - 242-327-7157

  • Single Room 1 Person $125 person
  • Double Occupancy $138

Courtyard Marriott near Junkanoo Beach - 242-302-2975 Recently opened

  • Single in Room $195.39
  • Two persons in room $200.39


  • Call. You might get some excellent deals

Heritage Room

Surprise Photo of the Day

[ August 22, 2016 ] Can you give the names of those who are in this photo. Let us see the first individuals who give at least ten names. Send them to This photo was taken at the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, Nassau, The Bahamas around 1968/1968. It was taken in the old wooden church where the new church now stands.

See if you can identity the persons or places in the photos below and what year the photos were taken. You can also indicate the person's contribution to the Adventist Church in The Bahamas. The photos are numbered so you can identity which one you are referring to. Send your information to indicating the photo number. The numbers are at the top of each photo.

1 The Fountains

2 William Antonio

3 West Indies Union President?

4 Paul Ward

5 Cyril Tenant

6 Sylvia Barns

7 Shirley Street Church

8 Eulie Scavella and Betty Moses

9 Pastor and Mrs. Gibson and Family

10 Pastor Owen Jones

11 Olive Antonio

12 Pastor Nembhard

13 Pastor and Mrs. Nembhard and Dr. Leslie Nembhard

14 Daniel and Pearl McMillan

15 Brother Rahming

16 H. E. and Zelda Bedloe

17 H. G. Colburn

18 Pastor Silas and Ruth McKinney with Rosa

19 Bahamas Conference Workers in 1970?

20 Jack Dean and his wife

21 Mack and Mack in March of 1963.

Pastor Silas McKinney and Pastor Leslie McMillan conducting the evangelistic series under the tent on Farrington Road, Chippingham, when 100 persons were baptized and the Johnson Park Seventh-day Adventist Church was born. Pastor McKinney was the first Bahamian to conduct a tent series in The Bahamas.

Send your information to

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