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“Win Their Confidence?

“Win Their Confidence? You Gat to be Kidding!

The following article is written by Barrington Brennen, minister of the gospel and counseling psychologist. It is intended to stimulate objective and critical thinking and discussion about the third quarter’s Sabbath School lesson topic: “The Role of the Church in the Community” (2016). It is not designed to answer specific questions from the lesson but to open new avenues of thought and action.

This quarter’s adult Bible lesson quarterly in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is so timely. It is entitled "The Role of the Church in The Community." Each topic rivets home an important message of “making the gospel attractive and not a pain in the neck.” This week’s lesson, entitled “Jesus Won Their Confidence(August 27 to September 2, 2016) is another practical example of how sincere Adventist Christians are to love and live.

However, do you know what really came cross my mind when I read the topic? It is this: “Win their confidence? You gat to be kidding!” How can we win the confidence of people we judged, hurt, ostracized, and condemned for so long? How can we win the confidence of people with whom we acted so superior for so long? Of course, we know it all. We have it right—so we think. It is as though we are saying, “You don’t have it, so you are not going to make it. Ah! Where?You are not going to heaven.”

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Interview with Drs. Gaspar and May-Ellen Colon

The "Play" button on the right will take you to an audio interview done on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, by Barrington Brennen with the main contributors to the Sabbath School lesson quarterly for the third quarter of 2016 (July to September) entitled "The Role of the Church in The Community. "They are Dr. Gaspar Colon, an adjunct professor in religion at Washington Adventist University (formally Columbia Union College) and Dr. May-Ellen Colon [ Photo on the left ], director of Adventist Community Services at the General Conference. Click the "Play" button on the right to listen to the interview. LISTEN

"At the time of writing this Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide,Gaspar Colón was chair of the Department of Religion at Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA. May-Ellen Colón is an assistant director of the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department and director of Adventist Community Services International. They served as missionaries in Africa and the former Soviet Union for nine years, and have two grown children and two grandchildren." Adult Sabbath School Quarterly

Good News Church Back to School Bash 2016

On Sunday, August 28, 2016, the Good News Church Seventh-day Adventist Church, Flamingo Gardens, off Carmichael Road, Nassau, The Bahamas, hosted it's Back to School Program on the grounds of the church. A major cooperate organization sponsored the church with 500 school bags fully equipped with books, pencils, pens, geometry sets, and calculators. During this event students not only received bags but the adults and parents in attendance were able to receive health checks. There were lots of games and food for everyone. [ Left photo: Pastor T. Basil Sturrup, Church Pastor ]

The event started on Sabbath, August 27th, with a special Divine Worship service where families in the community were invited to worship with the members of the church and to have their children prayed for as they begin the new school year. Pastor Terry Tanis presented the message for the occasion and offered the prayer for the students.

The emphasis continued in the afternoon at the Adventist Youth Ministries meeting where Inspector Chrislyn Skippings of the Royal Bahamas was among the presenters who provided tips and information on how to experience a successful school year.

According to the church pastor, T. Basil Sturrup, the entire weekend was a great success and is a part of the third component of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Global initiative Lord Transform Me.

The Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church is endeavoring to truly witness in unique ways and is meeting the needs of their community. We congratulate the pastor, the Back to School committee,along with the church members, for the lasting impression they are making on the Bahamian society.

The photos below were taken by Bronishka Black and Lavern Sturrup

Children join the line to receive their school bags with supplies

The Fun Day was filled with lots of food and games. Students returning to school also received free hair cuts, hair beading while parents flocked the health corner to check their sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The church is thankful to God for another opportunity to share His love in the community.

Three children who received school bags

Church members volunteering to braid (plait) the hair of little girls in the community

One of the parents having her blood pressure checked

enditnow Panel Discussion August 25, 2016 Photos

On Thursday, August 25, 2016, scores of Adventists and a some of other faiths and institutions attended the first enditnow seminar at the Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church, Old Trail Road, Nassau, The Bahamas. The event was sponsored by the Women's Ministries Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists with its leader, Jacqueline Gibson. The main feature was a panel discussion consisting of the following individuals: Dr. Harry Farrier, clinical psychologist with the Ministry of Heath for the Bahamas Government and facilitator for the Men's Program (an 26-week treatment program for abusive men); Barrington Brennen, counseling psychologist and pastor; Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference. The panel discussion chair was Shamel Sands. See photos below.

Dr. Harry Ferrier, clinical psychologist

The panel

Pastor Paul Scavella

Shamel Sands, the panel facilitator

Prayer Retreat 2016

South Bahamas Conference Prayer Ministries Retreat 2016

October 20-23, 2016

Thursday, October 20th at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fifth Terrace off Collins Ave, Centreville, Nassau

Friday, October 21 to Sunday, October 23, at the Bahamas Youth Camp, Gladstone Road, Nassau, The Bahamas


  • To create an atmosphere for member to unburden themselves of this world's cares, and celebrate God's blessings.
  • To train intercessors in the basic principles of prayer ministry.
  • and more


  • Those who want to pray more effectively
  • Those who are struggling with challenges and need victory
  • Those needing encouragement
  • Prayer teams
  • Prayer coordinators and prayer team leaders
  • Those who are emotionally stressed and burdened
  • Those who are afraid to pray
  • Those who want to be empowers for ministry


  • $100


  1. All meals are vegetarian
  2. Submit your completed form to Dwight Brown at the South Bahamas Conference at #135 Tonique Williams Darling Highway, Nassau, The Bahamas

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