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Adventure In Faith

Let's Work Together in Faith to Raise Funds for our New Multi-Purpose Building

Anthony Burrows; Stewardship, Trust & Capital Development Director

Adventure In Faith

Let's Work Together in Faith to Raise Funds for our New Multi-Purpose Building

On Sabbath, July 1, 2017 the MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING ADVENTURE IN FAITH program was launched at Camp Meeting 2017. Join us as we embark on this massive building program to the honor and glory of God. Special envelopes are provided to receive your pledges. Pray that God will bless us as we give to His work.

Our goal is at least ten million dollars

Anthony Burrows; Stewardship, Trust & Capital Development Director

Pastor Ricardo Bain in New York


Bahamian pastor, Ricardo Bain, has created a unique ministry in New York. It is MYGEN. With assistance of Adventist youth he began a Cafe Church in the heart of the city. Read the inspiring story in the Adventist Review for June 2017. The article is entitled "First Café Church Opens In New York City. . . New congregation is attracting millennials, former members back to church." Read the entire article.

"In upper Manhattan, the MyGen Seventh-day Adventist Church recently opened its doors for its first official service. Upon entering the church, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not a conventional church. MyGen church is Greater New York Conference’s first Seventh-day Adventist “café church.” Instead of pews, round tables fill the space and worship is led from a stage platform. The members come dressed formally or informally, the music is lively, the service is interactive . . . . Read Article

Dr. Orlean Brown-Earle, a Leading Caribbean Psychologist.

Jamaican, Dr. Orlean Brown-Earle, child psychologist and family therapist, is visiting The Bahamas for Camp meeting 2017. She is the Dean of the College of Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences at Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica. She is excited about helping children maximize their potential emotionally and spiritually. She is visiting Nassau as a guest workshop presenter at the South Bahamas Conference Camp Meeting, June 25 to July 1, 2017. She is sharing on the topics “Parenting with Grace” and Understanding Mental Illness.”

Dr. Earle believes that parents need to talk more with their children, and when they do so, it is to be done face to face. “This can only enhance family ties as we seek to make our neighborhood and communities a better place,” she said. Dr. Earle said that “Unhappy children without love and care will be at the foundation for unhappy adults. It is important for parent to recognize that there not just parenting for today they are parenting for the future. The principle taught to their children will impact their grandchildren.”

Dr. Earle also believes that the earlier we understand issues related to mental illness, the earlier we will learn to accept the cope successful with mental health issues in our communities.

In Jamaica, Dr. Orlean Brown-Earle, is respected as a regular columnist in the Daily Gleaner (National Newspaper). The column is entitled “Ask Dr Orlean Brown-Earle.” Young and old send her questions on relationship and personal development issues. Here are samples from the Gleaner:

September 13, 2017

“My angry 10-year old

QUESTION: My 10-year-old gets so angry that people around the complex hear him being belligerent. I am a busy professional, so my housekeeper gets the brunt of his wrath. Overall, he is okay at school. The teacher says he shouts when others are unfair to other children, and acts like a father figure. His father died a few years ago, and I have no main male role model in his life. How can I get him to stop shouting at home?

ANSWER: You need to speak with the housekeeper and your son separately and then speak to both of them after you have gained an understanding of what

occurred that caused your son to be belligerent. Then decide your course of action. You may need to take your son for counselling to determine if there are any grief issues related to his father's death that he has not yet dealt with.

Can I use an old psych evaluation?

I visited a psychiatrist about six years ago when I was 13, and did not get a report about my mental health. I now need one for my job. Can I request a report from the psychiatrist?

Many developmental changes have taken place over the years. You have changed socially and emotionally, and would need another evaluation to determine the state of your mental health.

November 11, 2015

QUESTION: My mother and father are getting a divorce. She works overseas as a counselor. I think she should be in counselling as she seems very sad these days. Is it OK for me to say this to her?

ANSWER: You are a very caring child. It is quite appropriate for you to recommend counselling to your mother. I am sure she will be happy to know that you are so concerned about her emotional welfare.

QUESTION: My 21-year-old daughter has finished college and will not move out. She got a great job in the information technology field, earning almost as much as I am, and, after three months, is still at home commuting two hours a day. She is a responsible person and can afford to rent. I am ready for an empty house. I am tired of getting up in the nights and letting her in and being expected to converse.

ANSWER: Get a copy of apartments in the vicinity of your daughter's workplace and show them to her. Go with her and visit the places so that you too will be comfortable with the place she chooses. Pray with her, keep in touch regularly and wish her well.

QUESTION: One of the workers at my father's office is horrible. He backbites everyone. One day while waiting for my father, I recorded the worker saying terrible things about my father's boss, which may cause the man to lose his job. Should I share this with my father?

ANSWER: You may want your father to listen to the recording. Remember, always be respectful at your father's workplace.

If you have a question you may send it to

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