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South Bahamas Conference Basketball League 2016


Click photo above to watch the video of the Adventist Basketball League Game held Saturday night, July 15, 2017 at H. G. Colburn Gym, Wulff Road. The game was bbetween Good News Chariots and Bethany Knights. Good News Chariots won in overtime 92-89


The Basketball League Schedule June to August 2016 [ PDF Schedule - PDF Rules ]



  1. Each Adventist Youth Ministries within the South Bahamas Conference approved by the South Bahamas Conference Basketball League (SBCBL), which is an extension of the Pathfinder Cooperation, is permitted to field a basketball team.
  2. Each team is under the sponsorship of the local Adventist Youth Society Council and the local church board and is governed by the decisions of these bodies.
  3. Each team shall consist of a Seventh-day Adventist coach who is responsible for all players and fans. The teams should consist of no less than eight (8) players and no more than fifteen (15) players. Each coach and player must be identified at the door of every game. Failure to do so will result in the individual/s having to paying an entrance fee to enter the gym.
  4. Teams must submit all information requested by the SBCBL by the specified date.
  5. Each team MUST be composed of members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and ACTIVE CHURCH ATENDEES.
  6. If a player or a team receives two warnings from the referee or the organizers about their behavior etc. That team or player will be subject to a fine to be set by the coaches. The amount must be paid before the next game.
  7. The team that is first on the schedule is the home team. All teams must be in their church colors that are registered with SBCBL. If colors are not conflicting with the other team, the game will be played as scheduled
  8. The age of the SBCBL is 14+. If a player under the stipulated minimum age of 12 years is allowed on the court and he/she is injured during the game. The coach of the injured child is 100% liable to the parents of the child. Teams will also sign waivers, stating that all players have their own personal insurance.
  9. All team rosters must be typed and turned in before June 12. Please include the following: Names of Players, Church Name and Team colors, Pastor and Youth Leader signature.
  10. Teams will have two time-outs in the first and second halves. Time-outs will not carry over. All time-outs will be 30 seconds. One additional time-out will be given for each overtime period.
  11. If a team defaults two games that team is disqualified.
  12. All non-baptized Seventh-day Adventists shall be exposed to the precepts and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by regular invitation and encouragement to attend church. Drugs, jewelry, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited in the SBCBL League.


The BCBL Senior and junior Division shall be played in a round robin format and the commissioner shall decide the roster and shall notify each team and coach.


Teams $250.00

All cheques are to be made out to the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist before the first game. Please collect your receipt from the accounts office upstairs (and not the ABNC) and return it to your church treasurer.

All fees must be paid by the specified date set by the commissioner. Failure to comply with this or any other registration requirement prohibits the team from participation in the league this year.

  1. Forfeiture Fees: Any team forfeiting a game due to its failure to show or not being prepared to field a team, will be charged one-half the expenses for each forfeited game which will be added to the team’s indebtedness, and must be paid before the team will be allowed to continue the schedule.
  2. The members of a team that is under disciplinary action are ineligible to play for any other team within the league.


Playoffs will be played Saturday July 16 and the championships will begin Saturday July 23. There will be only one game played to decide the playoffs. The championships are the best of three games. If there is a game that has no significance on the outcome of the playoffs, the coaches may rule not to play the game.


  1. Prayer is to be offered before each game night.
  2. The SBCBL Commissioner shall be responsible for the gym, scorekeepers and officials, and shall maintain the records of the SBCBL League.
  3. Once a game is started, the officials are responsible for the continuation, completion and conduct of the game. The commissioner on site may intervene either upon request of the officials, or when deemed necessary.
  4. The coach shall be responsible for the conduct and eligibility of all members of his/her team.
  5. League play shall be governed by the FIBA rules and regulations regarding basketball except where the SBCBL Commission has adopted special rules.
  6. Any player or coach using profanity on or off the court shall be ejected from the game and shall be suspended for the remainder of the season including tournament competition. The interpretation of “off the court” will include both the interior and exterior of the venue being used.
  7. Fighting is prohibited in the SBCBL League. Participants will be ejected immediately from the game and the venue followed by a suspension for the remainder of the season. Pending commissioner’s decision, participants may be band permanently from participating in the SBCBL League.
  8. No player or coach verbally threatening or physically attacking an official or commissioner will be allowed to participate in the SBCBL League.
  9. The SBCBL League has zero tolerance for the wearing of jewelry, body piercing adornments, which include earrings, chains, finger rings, nose rings, beads, ankle or wrist bracelets, by participating league members. Medical alert ID’s must be reported at the time of registration and/or when newly diagnose during the current season. 9a. Violation of Special Rule #9 will render the person ineligible to participate in that evening’s game.
  10. All protests shall be forwarded to the commissioner within one of the game conclusion. A fifty-dollar ($50.00) fee must accompany each written protest. The fifty-dollar ($50.00) fee will not be refunded. Protests involving an official’s judgment will not be entertained and protest arriving after the specified time will not be honored.
  11. All games must begin within five (5) minutes of the starting time. If a team is not prepared to start the game, a grace period of up to 5 minutes will be given. If the team is not present at the end of the five (5) minute period, that team will lose by default, the commissioner will declare a forfeit, award the game to the team that is present and announce the next game.
  12. Overtime and half time will be three minutes.
  13. Games will be 15 minutes per half running time.
  14. The clock will only stop in the last two minutes of the game if the difference in the scores is ten points or less.
  15. A player must play in a minimum of three (3) regular season games in order to be eligible for play in the post-season games. The only exception will be if the individual is away at school (out-of-town) at the start of the season, and his name is on the roster from the start of the season. However, that player will have to play at least one game.
  16. Uniforms: In compliance with standards of FIBA all teams participating within the SBCBL League must wear complete uniforms (shorts and shirts where possible) with visible numbers from the outset of the season. No sweat pants or unconventional shorts will be accepted. The length of team shorts must not exceed more than one inch below the knee. Team members not in proper uniform for any one game will not be allowed to play. No exceptions will be granted.
  17. Games will begin promptly at 8:00 pm on Saturdays (Or thirty minutes after sunset) and 6:30 pm on weekdays. All teams are expected to be in the gym 20 minutes before the fist tip-off. Teams playing the second, third and fourth games etc. must be in place and ready to play if for any reason the game before cannot be played as scheduled.
  18. A player may seek permission from the committee to join another team if he/she has not played any games. The committee reserves the right to say no.
  19. A player or a coach may be tossed from the game with one technical foul. If a player is tossed he cannot play the next scheduled game.