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Work in progress. Return here for updates January 3.


In the photo below are four vibrant young men who are home for the summer from Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica. They are being trained to become ministers of the gospel. While in Nassau during the summer break they are not sitting down and relaxing, they are busy for Jesus. During the Y10 Youth Evangelism, which begins August 3, they will be serving as Bible Workers. All of these young men are not only studying at the Northern Caribbean University for the Bachelor's Degree in Religion and Theology, they are busy witness, preaching, and involved in many student activities on the campus.

See the photo below. In the center of the photo is Pastor Jamal Franklyn, one of the speakers and organizers of the youth series. In photos from left to right:

  • Keith Bryan, age 21, third year student
  • Gibson LaCroix, age 25, third year student
  • Pastor Jamal Frankyn, Pastor of the La Senda De la Vida Church, non-resident pastor for North Andros district,
  • Johny Davilmar age 31, fourth year student
  • Michael Knowles, age 25, 3rd year student