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Public Campus Ministries

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GOW is the acronym meaning

Generate Bible Study Interest.

Orientation on Spiritual Gifts.

Witnessing with Friend.

Get a daily Bible verse related to university and college careers. Share with your classmates, professors and friends. #You are a PCM Ambassador -Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Public Campus Ministries Coordinator

Public Campus Ministries First Form Held on April 29, 2017

Public Campus Ministries (PCM) is a entity of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church providing ministry for Adventist students studying in public, or non-Adventist schools. This ministry is coordinated by the Adventist Youth Department. Therefore, in The Bahamas, Pastor Jamal Franklin (Photo on the right), has been asked be the coordinator of this ministry under the Youth Ministries Department of which Pastor Larry Green is the director.

October 14-16, 2016, will be Global PCM Weekend.

The aim of the Global PCM Weekend (every third weekend of October) is to connect and involve Seventh-day Adventists, academics, and professionals in mission and service on campus, in church, and in their community, the three C's of PCM.