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Allison Marrette Rolle Employee of the Year

Alison Rolle Honored Update March 13, 2017

As stated below (September 2016), Alison Marette Rolle was selected Employee of the Year 2016 for the Passport Office. There was an elimination process by interview within our Ministry and I was nominated Employee of the Year 2016 for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And Immigration. She was among the 17 of the Officers selected of the over 20,000 public servants. The pictures below is the actual ceremony to honor her that took place in February 2017. It has to be postponed in 2016 due to Hurricane Matthew.

Below are the photos from Award Ceremony held February 12, 2017 at Crown Ball Room, Atlantis, Paradise Island. The theme was "In Pursuit of Productivity and Accountability."

ABOVE: Alison Rolle receiving the certificate from Minister Gibson

ABOVE: Alison Rolle standing with her husband (middle) and family and friends.


Congratulations to Allison Marrette Rolle

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Allison Marrette Rolle was selected as the Employee of the Year for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.

Allison M. Rolle is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In the church and the community she is well known for her beautiful singing voice. As a recording artist she sings locally and internationally. She is committed to being and effective citizen and active servant for Jesus. The other part of her life is in the office as a professional administrator. Currently Mrs. Rolle is Office Manager and Systems Administrator in the transition to the New E-Passport System in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. Read below her life story. On Sunday, November 6, 2016, Allison Rolle a part of an award ceremony at Atlantis.

Allison Marrette Rolle, was born to Keith Mason Sr. and Mabel Mason in New Providence on November 1, 1963. Mrs. Rolle is married to Mr. Roger Craig Rolle and has one biological son, Trevor Mitchell Jr. At a very early age, signs of leadership qualities were noted in the home, at church and school. As a student, she participated in extra-curricular activities – Academic, Athletic, Music and community efforts as a member of the Pathfinder Organization. In High School her musical talents were constantly engaged to assist in weekly Assembly Sessions. She graduated as President of the ’Elite Class of 1980’ of Bahamas Academy.

In 1985 she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the now Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama. Plans are in the making to complete a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Mrs. Rolle attends the Peardale Seventh-day Adventist Church. She is an ordained Deaconess and has served in the capacity of Women’s Ministry Leader, and is presently the Minister of Music at her place of worship. As a psalmist, and recording artist she has blessed many audiences with her Contralto/Mezzo Soprano voice, and diverse musical repertoire.

She has been noted for her soul-stirring rendition of the Bahamas National Anthem on her Album entitled, ‘My Faith’. Mrs. Rolle’s work has been shared with audiences in the Bahamas (inclusive of the imprisoned), the United States, Canada, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and South Africa. She has performed at many National Services, Seminars and Conclaves, Religious Crusades, and has collaborated with some of the finest of Bahamian and international Recording Artists.

She is a former member of the National Youth Choir, The Oakwood College, Friends for Life, and the Meister Singers. Mrs. Rolle is the founder of Eagle’s Music Ministry Network and Seraphic Sounds and as such, organized many Concerts, always in support of charitable: The School for the Blind, The Children’s Emergency Hostel, The Sister-Sister Breast Cancer Support Group and others who found themselves in need. In 2008, Mrs. Rolle successfully coordinated a week’s Cultural Exchange in conjunction with the Department of Culture in hosting the Chorale, ‘Journey’, of Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. The Concert proceeds assisted the National Children’s Choir, The Boy’s Choir of The Bahamas, the Williemae Pratt School for Girls and Bahamas Academy. Another opportunity presented itself for Mrs. Rolle to participate in the Concert to aid Haiti during the disaster of the 2010 Earthquake.

In November of 1989, a Career in the Public Service began for Mrs. Rolle, at the Registrar General’s Department. She had prior work experience with Commonwealth Bank, Real Estate Sales And Rentals and Bahamas Paper Converting Company. At the Registrar General’s Department, Mrs. Rolle served as a staff in the Companies Section, Supervisor of the Deeds And Documents Section, and of the Business Names Section, in its inception. Mrs. Rolle’s journey with the Department/Ministry of Education began in 1997 where she functioned as a Trainee in Office of the Director and later in the Human Resources Management Division with responsibility for Personnel matters relative to various Family Island Districts. In August, 2005 Mrs. Rolle embraced the opportunity to participate in the Public Service Rotation Exercise for one year, with assignments to the Ministry of Public Works, Cabinet Office (inclusive of Government Publications and Government Printing), and the Department of Public Service. In September 2006, Mrs. Rolle was promoted to Assistant Secretary. In November, 2008, she had the privilege to participate in the Reading Initiative Programme

at the Uriah McPhee Primary School. .

In July, 2009, upon re-deployment to the Passport Office, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs And Immigration, Mrs. Rolle was assigned as an Approval Officer. She later served as Human Resource Officer, which was followed by a stint at the Consular Division effective June, 2010. During the year 2010, Mrs. Rolle successfully completed the BahamaHost Corporate Train-the-Trainer Workshop. From April, 2011 to August, 2013, Mrs. Rolle was re-deployed as the Passport Officer, to the Office of the Prime Minister Department of Local Government North Andros District for two years during her husband’s job assignment there. She managed the Office single-handedly, serving the people of North and Central Andros, and the Berry Islands.

In February 2012, an additional staff was assigned, whom she had the opportunity to train in Passport Services. While in Andros, Mrs. Rolle was active in the life of the community, giving public lectures and training sessions relative to Passport Matters, sharing in other civic and national duties having served as Presiding Officer during General Elections and the Referendum, and was instrumental in the restoration of the former Mass Choir for the District of North Andros. To date, The North Andros United Choir continues with its music ministry.

In July, 2011 Mrs. was promoted to Senior Assistant Secretary. In August 2013, her assignment in Andros came to a close and she returned to the Passport Office, Nassau, at which time, she was assigned to supervise the District of Abaco. In 2014 for the period May to October, Mrs. Rolle served as the Interim Supervisor at the Passport Office, Central Abaco, with responsibility for the other satellite Offices in the North and South.

In August, 2015 to early September, 2016, Mrs. Rolle was given the responsibility of supervising the Family Island/Overseas Unit (comprising of Abaco and Grand Bahama District, and all Overseas Missions). September 2016, Mrs. Rolle was designated Office Manageress and Systems Administrator in the transition to the New E-Passport System prior to this year’s end. In March, she was awarded as the Passport Office Employee of the Year 2016. She believes in the personal growth and development of self and others. A positive attitude, discipline, hard work, integrity, justice, kindness, fair-play, good manners, and excellence in spirit are qualities and characteristics that she espouses.

The legendary Mandela understood the ties that bind the human spirit. “There is a word in South Africa – Ubuntu – that describes his greatest gift: his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us”. Mrs. Rolle has decided to live her life in service to God, country and mankind.