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Women's Conclave 2016 Photos

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, almost 900 Adventist Women from New Providence and other Family Islands in The Bahamas, attended the Women's Conclave at the William Johnson Auditorium, Joe Farrington Road, Nassau, The Bahamas. The theme was Enlist to Serve. The guest speaker was Pastor Hyveth Williams, professor from Andrews University Theological Seminary, Michigan, USA. The day began with Sabbath School at 9:30 a.m. that featured an invigorating drama skit and discussion lead by Pastor/Chaplain Natellie Roberts (Academy Chaplain). Below is a videos with short part of the sermon by Pastor Williams, the guest soloist, Christine Jobson from Miami, Florida and the Conclave Choir.

Pastor Williams 1

Pastor Williams 2

Below is the Conclave Women's Choir singing before the sermon

Below is a excerpt of the guest soloist singing.

Below are photos taken Sabbath, October 15, 2016