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Pass It On

Pass it On is an initiative of the Youth Ministries Department of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Read the information below or CLICK HERE TO PRINT OUT complete documents and surveys. Click HERE for Pass it On Forms

General Description: PASS IT ON, a mentorship program. It is meant to be a ministry that integrates youth and adults via the promotion of teaching knowledge, motivation, and leadership by adults who take a leadership role.

General Objective: To affirm our youth in the faith through training and strengthening of their ecclesiastic leadership and by advancing the vision of a Generation Transformed.

During the next five-year period the Inter-American Division has created the PASS IT ON initiative, this program is meant to mark a new change in the direction for our adolescents, youth, and young adults.

In the past, a separation between adults and youth has existed, both in the social and economic area, as well as in ecclesiastical matters. Due to this, a barrier was formed, causing the relationship between the different age groups to go unattended. For this reason, communication and instruction are important in order to influence the following generations to serve God from an early age.

PASS IT ON means to hand down the knowledge, motivation, and leadership the adults possess by teaching the youth from an early age and allowing for this knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation, in this manner will may propagate the growth of a Generation Transformed.


This year we are hoping to make the month of JUNE, a month of EMPHASIS ON OUR YOUTH, by explaining the purpose for this emphasis and by taking the first steps towards integrating this MENTOR project in our church for our adolescents and youth.

  • Develop the general structure for this initiative, including the protocol, action plan, that church members representing different levels of leadership may be included and participate.
  • Present 3 proposals of songs for the initiative with emphasis on the ideal of a Generation Transformed.
  • Youth Ministries Department of the Inter-American Division. Will be responsible for training the department leaders of youth ministries in the Unions, developing and facilitating the tools (Programs, seminars, activities, and necessary follow up in order to implement the PASS IT ON project. The IAD Youth Ministries Department must update the project each year.
  • Union level Youth Ministries Department. Will be responsible for training the department leaders of youth ministries at the local conference levels, making sure to take care of each detail pertaining to its organization, implementation, development, and evaluation. The Union’s department will provide the materials and tools to implement the project at the local conference levels, as well as overseeing the adoption of this program in every conference within this five-year period.
  • Conference Youth Ministries Department. Each conference department leader should prepare two very important meetings for the launch of this project: The first with the pastors, the second with the adventist youth program directors, youth leaders, pathfinders, and adventurers.
  • Pastors: IT is important for this program to be executed by the conference pastor’s since they are the administrators of the districts and churches, and lead the church board; they must have a good understanding of the project, so that they may propel it in the churches.
  • Adventist Youth Program Directors, Youth leaders, Pathfinders, and Adventurers: They are the ones who influence and lead the youth from an early age, they will be the ones to present the project to the church board and incite mentorship. They will be the ones to receive the material, training, calendar of activities, objectives and goals for this project.
  • Transformed to serve. Author: Inter-American Division
  • Lord, Transform me. KANAIMA Group (Venezuela).
  • Develop a Training-Certification program, both for the year and the month of June for PASS IT ON.
  • Design a program for the implementation and follow up of this initiative.

A special certification card has been created for the PASS IT ON project, which is based off of the mentorship seminars, for those that accept the call to be mentors, this will prepare them in the spiritual, mentorship, and personal relationships areas of their life. (The card is attached to this material).

Promotion: November - December
Recruitment: January
Training: February- March
Launch: February

Date for Completion of cycle: October
Evaluation July 2017


  • Present the PASS IT ON project.
  • PASS IT ON Directive.
  • Pass the Survey “Getting to know my brethren”.
  • Selection of the local church MENTORSHIP team.
  • Training of the PASS IT ON MENTORS.
  • Weekly follow up.
  • When I complete my work as a MENTOR.

The elder and pastor, as well as the Adventist youth directors, pathfinders, adventurers, and master guides that attend the conference PASS IT ON initiative instruction meetings are responsible for addressing the topic with the church board, who are accountable for appointing the PASS IT ON project coordinator of the local church. Some of the characteristics that the coordinator should boast are: Willingness to work with the youth and recently baptized, provide a good example to others in the way they live their lives and maintain good relationships with church members and others.

The directive is composed of the Pastor, who serves a counselor, the coordinator voted by the church board, the directors of the youth ministries of the local church, the elders and the rest of the church board members. They should meet at least once a month.

This survey should be taken by every adolescent, youth, and church member that has been recently baptized. It is recommended that the survey be given on a Sabbath morning to ensure greater participation. They will be given to the PASS IT ON coordinator at the local level and will be supervised by the PASS IT ON church directive. One suggestion is to invite everyone for Sabbath lunch and explain why we are interested in getting to know them and what the purpose of the survey is.

The PASS IT ON directive of the local church should propose and choose those that will be mentors, who should be chosen based on the following important characteristics: Faithful church members who set a good example, who love the youth and the recently baptized brethren, maintain healthy relationships with the other church members and community. It is expected that all church board members be mentors.

All who form part of the team of mentors for the church, must receive instruction based off of the requirements from the PASS IT ON initiative card, provided by the Inter-American Division. This card is designed to supplied within a 3 to 4 month period. During this time the mentors must be working with those that are assigned to them to mentor. After fulfilling the requirements on the card, they will be certified as PASS IT ON mentors and will receive certification.

A weekly follow up should be maintained of the interaction between the mentor and the mentee. This will aid in evaluating the work that is being done. Attached to this document.

A mentor must focus their efforts on preparing the young person or recently baptized member to be taken into account during the nominations and be considered for the next ecclesiastical period. The mentor must understand that they must have this process completed in the month of October. It is expected that those who completed the mentorship program and have obtained good standing in the church, will then join the group of mentors, assisting others in influencing them to serve.


The focus during this month will be on providing the adolescents, youth, and recently baptized to serve and participate in their local church alongside their mentor, who will serve as their main supporter.

Recommendations for the Youth Emphasis Month, PASS IT ON:

  • The PASS IT ON leadership of the church should promote this event with plenty of anticipation, as a minimum a month prior, using videos and posters that will be provided.
  • Plan and organize with the church departments so that in the month of June the adolescents, youth and newly baptized brothers be given the opportunity to participate and implement programs and activities to demonstrate their talents to serve God.
  • Let those that receive mentorship participate the most during this special month. All should be accompanied by their mentor for guidance and support.
  • It is expected that the last Sabbath of the month of June there be a special closing prayer of consecration of all those who are being mentored and who participated in the youth emphasis month long PASS IT ON program. For the vast majority, this Sabbath there will be a Communion Sabbath, therefore there will be a good atmosphere in which to dedicate our youth.


During 2016, we will be promoting the youth emphasis month via social media and all media outlets that the church possesses, and with banners that reference this special event. Support for this initiative will take place to stress the importance of the month of youth emphasis.


  • Every union, local conference, and church will adopt the month of JUNE as the YOUTH emphasis month. If possible, a vote should be taken to ensure this initiative lasts for the entire five-year period.
  • Every church will have their adolescents, youth, and young adults complete a survey that will provide information regarding their interests in the church and the areas in which they desire to serve God.
  • Assemble a group of brethren that maintain experience, provide a good testimony, and are willing to support the youth by mentoring the adolescents and young people. Each mentor must be assigned the same gender to themselves; women with girls, and men with boys.
  • Each mentor should focus on their mentees spiritual life and their integration into church ministry. The mentors must be assigned to a ministry where their talents may be shared.
  • Spiritual and recreational activities should be promoted among the youth and adults during our youth emphasis month. For example: Outdoor walks, Holy paths (Spiritual), Outdoor recreational activities where both adults and youth may participate (Social recreation).
  • In 2017 an experience of friendship should be emphasized among the youth and adults, that this month may serve as a reminder to foster healthy relationships among youth and adults.
  • Allow the youth to participate during the month of June meetings in the areas which interest them, and in which their mentors have instructed and motivated them to participate.
  • All church mentors should publicly recognize the small, but significant advances that are made with the church youth’s participation. We urgently need the church to value our youth and the talents they possess.


  • Must be a member that frequently attends church and in good standing with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
  • Must be older than 16 years of age.
  • Must be a church board member with the desire to support the spiritual growth of the youth and minors in the church.
  • Must understand what being a mentor entails, it’s implications, and the scope of what it means for the church.
  • Willingness to volunteer as a mentor.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the level one mentorship plan for the church.
  • Maintain knowledge of the principal causes for the crisis in our youth and the consequences they entail
  • Define and understand resiliency and how it can aid in solving our youth crisis.
  • Maintain knowledge on how to become a person of influence in the lives of our youth.
  • Elevate the youth’s self-esteem.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the required abilities for level two.
  • Demonstrate understanding of mentoring and the existing types of mentorship.
  • Understand the process of mentorship.
  • Impacting lives throughout history.
  • Demonstrate proficiency of level three.
  • Understand the primary function of resiliency.
  • Elaborate and present a conceptual map that demonstrates the benefits of mentorship in:
    • Passing on of values.
    • Development of human potential.
    • Self-esteem improvement.
    • Opportunities to resolve problems.
    • Creation of a service model.
    • Reduction of self-centeredness.
    • Taking responsibility.
    • Development of resiliency.
    • Support the benefits of mentorship with the Biblical model.
  • Verbally describe the qualities of a mentor.
  • In groups, present and exchange seminars that discuss the following topics: Relationships, Spiritual matters, Time Management, Self-Control, Family, Exercise, Money, Conflicts, Anger, Work, Stress, Friendships, and other topics that interest young people.
  • Discuss the existing signs of risk in the mentorship program.
  • While providing an environment of love, acceptance, and trust, teach the youth and minors regarding the program, and how to find their mentor.
  • Create a program that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of our youth.
  • Clearly establish the plans guidelines.
  • Demonstrate that they understand the different strategies to convey moral values.
  • Demonstrate the ability and competence in implementing the plan.
  • Receive the certification established by the Youth Ministries of the IAD.
  • Be an active participant during the year.
  • Plan an outdoor recreational activity with those they are mentoring.
  • Plan a community service/outreach activity with those they are mentoring.
  • Complete the monthly mentor evaluation report.