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Lord Transform Me South Bahamas

This is the official news and information page for Lord Transform Me in the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Upcoming Events

IMPACT BAHAMAS: November 19-26, 2016, 7 p.m. Nightly

Lord Transform Me Empowerment Centers on the Island of New Providence:

  • Centreville Church: Centreville, Message of Hope, Peardale, Parkgate, La Senda, Agape, New Haven, Ebeneezer
  • Hillview Church: Hillview, Bethany, Adelaind, Berea, Bethel, Good News, Breath of Life
  • Grants Town Church: Grants Town, Johnson Park, New Englerston, Francophone
  • New Providence Church: Empowerment Centers


Lord Transform Me: The Inter-American Division theme for 2016 to 2020 and adopted by the South Bahamas Conference.
Theme text is Romans 12:2: “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Note that transformation is the desired outcome of every individual and function within the organization.


The key components for “Lord Transform Me” are:

  1. TRANSFORM AND LIVE – This involves the“Believe His Prophets” Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading, and United in Prayer initiative, and all spiritual initiatives to aid each member to become transformed by the Spirit of the Lord to live Christlike lives, shadowing the righteousness of Christ, exemplifying faithfulness to the Lord and His cause and participating faithfully in the mission of Christ
  2. EXPLORE AND LEARN – This includes all the didactic approaches for building relational skills and to address specific opportunities for effective connecting, reaping and consolidation of members.
  3. CONNECT AND SHARE – This is the deliberate, contextualized initiatives undertaken to initiate contact with others on a social level that leads to friendly relations, study of the Word of God and interest in the Seventh-day Adventist teachings.
  4. PROCLAIM AND REAP – This includes all the evangelistic activities, both personal, and public that motivate individuals to find security in Chris tand make decisions to accept Him as their Savior and become members of the Seventh- day Adventist Church.
  5. CONSERVE AND DISCIPLE – This includes the social and spiritual activities deliberately administered to disciple new members into the advent faith by providing them affirmation, love, assurance and support. Also by equipping them to effectively share their faith with others thus influencing them to accept Christ as their Savior.

These components are to impact every ministry of the church.

General Objectives of Each Lord Transform Me Component

Transform and Live:

  1. To provide bible-reading initiatives that will inspire and motivate every member of the Church to develop a personal bible reading routine that will help them to increase their bible knowledge and apply the word of God to their personal life.
  2. To engage the members in a special study of the Righteousness of Christ and encourage them to shadow the lifestyle of Christ each day.
  3. To encourage the members to enhance their knowledge of the ministry and counsels of Ellen White and to make personal applications to their lives and ministry.
  4. To engage the members in a renewed study of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Church.
  5. To encourage the members to enhance their personal prayer life through ongoing prayer initiatives.
  6. To encourage every member of the Church to live a life of faithfulness to the Lord in the way they manage their talents, time, resources and body temple and serve the church and others.
  7. To encourage worship leaders in all churches to enhance the worship services through enhancing the elements of each worship service so as to create a transcendental experience for worshipper.

Explore and Learn:

  1. To assist every member of the Church to identify his or her talents, passion, interests and spiritual gifts.
  2. To train them to utilize their talents, gifts and skills in fulfilling their role in the execution of the mission of the Church.
  3. To conduct relevant surveys within the church and the wider community to determine social and other needs as available resources in order to address deficiencies and affirm strengths.
  4. Develop curriculum and structure training modules based on perceived needs, to equip members with requisite skills and competencies to make meaningful impact in fulfilling the mission.
  5. Train members how to attract the interest and attention of non-Adventists and conduct bible studies with them.
  6. To develop appropriate materials and resources and mentoring and coaching opportunities to ensure success in the connect and share, proclaim and reap and conserve and disciple initiatives.
  7. To assist Pastors in contextualizing the Lord Transform Me initiative and develop their own implementation strategic plan.
  8. To train Unions and local fields Evangelism Training and Development directors, pastors and local church LTM team members to effectively execute their duties.
  9. To encourage the members to enhance their personal spiritual lives by taking adequate time each day for pause, reflection and meditation.
  10. To train individuals within the organization to hone their leadership skills, innovate, lead groups and ministries and effectively manage in times of change to realize desired outcomes.

Connect and Share:

  1. To help both members and non-members to deal with their social, physical and emotional issues.
  2. To encourage Non-Adventists to develop interest in spiritual matters and assume intimate relationship with the Lord.
  3. To help every congregation to determine the best possible method to attract the attention of individuals and organizations outside the Adventist faith and build friendly relationships with them.
  4. To help every member to determine the best possible method to attract the attention of other members of the Church and develop friendly relations with them.
  5. To help every member to determine the best possible method to attract the attention of persons outside the Church and develop friendly relations with them.
  6. To encourage every member of the church to have at least two Contact and Share Associates at all time. One should be a member of the Church; the other should be a nonmember who is a prospect for church membership.

Proclaim and Reap:

  1. To train and equip pastors to proclaim the gospel of Christ and reap souls for His kingdom.
  2. To train and equip pastors to train and equip their members to proclaim the gospel of Christ and reap souls for His kingdom.
  3. To train Pastors to conduct regional proclaim and reap campaigns in their pastoral districts.
  4. To determine the most appropriate time each year to conduct proclaim and reap campaigns.
  5. To conduct annual Proclaim and Reap campaigns at the local Church/Pastoral district, local field, Union and Division levels each year.
  6. To train a cadre of members to serve in various categories is an evangelistic proclaim and reap campaign.
  7. To determine a special financial plan for each Special Proclaim and Reap Campaigns
  8. To encourage each Union to strategize in order to realize an annual 8% increment in baptisms.

Conserve and Disciple:

  1. To devise relevant methods to conserve and disciple all the newly baptized members of the church.
  2. To assign an individual special responsibility in each local church to coordinate the conserve and disciple initiative.
  3. To engage various ministries of the church to develop specific conserve and disciple initiatives relevant to the membership category that they serve.
  4. To provide recognition and appreciation to employees and laity for their involvement in the mission of the of the Church.


Theme Song Lyrics

Lord Transform Me Inter-American Theme Song

Click Here for PDF Format

Come, Oh Lord transform me to your service,
Come renew my mind this very moment.
Come, forgive me faults oh come,
And heal my pain and sorrow,
Come, take away my fears
In my freedom I will praise you.
Lord transform me, it’s my desire.
Create in me a pure and clean heart to store all the treasures of your kingdom.
God transform me, and cleanse me completely,
It is your blood that has the power to purify,
Transform me Lord!

Come, to be with you is my desire,
Come, guide the way with cloud and fire.
Come, turn my life around oh come,
Send the victory oh come,
I want to see your glory and be filled by your presence.

Chorus x2

Theme Song Video


Atlantic Caribbean Union Rally Song

Sung to the tune of #647 Adventist Hymnal “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”

Words by Pastor Peter Kerr

Lord transform me is our mission and the prayer of our hearts
Cause the Master has been waiting for our church to come alive
By the moving of His Spirit
We believe that day has come
Our church is marching on

Lord,Transform Me is our mission, Lord, Transform Me is our mission
Lord, Transform Me is our mission , Oh, Lord please hear our prayer

Verse 2
Lord transform me for your glory is the cry of SBC
And it also is the pray'r of all our folks in TCI
North Bahamas feels the Spirit and Transform and Live they cry
Our church is marching on!!

Verse 3
The momentum is with Cayman
As they rally to the call
They connect and share with others
Through Proclaim and Reap campaigns
As they keep their eyes on Jesus
His reward will sure be theirs
His truth is marching on!!

Verse 4
Lord, Transform me, is the prayer of us all in our union
We are willing to be used by You in finishing Your work
Consecrate us for Your service and conserve Your precious flock
Oh Lord, transform us please!

Verse 5
Soon the battle will be over
And the victory will be won
Soon the Master will be coming
For the saints of all the earth
May He find us all transformed
And waiting for that glorious day
Our Church is marching on!!

Last Chorus
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
Glory, glory hallelujah
Our church is marching on!