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Adventist Media Newsletter for January 2017

South Bahamas Adventist Media Newsletter


We are delighted to inform you that WORD SBC 88.3 FM continues to develop new local programs to enrich your hearts. New Programming begins February 6, 2017

  • “Daily Devotionals” with Pastor Terri Tanis-Time: M-F 7:30 am/Sat. 6am
  • “Daily Relationship Nugget” with Barrington Brennen-Time: M, T, Th, F 12 noon W-1pm
  • “Messages to Young People” Readings by youth
  • “Kidsworld” hosted by Evin Musgrove Time: M&W 4:00pm-4:30pm - Beginning January 30th
  • “Your Power Word” with Good News Church: W 4:30 pm / Th 7:30pm
  • “She Speaks” Sponsored by the Women’s Ministries Dept.
  • “Theological Debate” with Pastor T. Basil Sturrup Time: Tuesday - 7:30pm/F - 8pm

Local programs already on air:

  • “Morning Joy”, Lavern Sturrup-Time: M-F 8am-10am
  • “Simply Healthy”, Nathelyn Lacroix-Time: M & W 9am
  • “Freetalk”, Tamieka Faulkes/Nadia Rodriquez-Time: T & Th 9am
  • “Youth in the Word”, Pastor Jamal Franklyn-Time: W- 3:30pm
  • “Story Time with Aunt Ollie”, Olga Roach-Time: Sat. 7am & 1pm
  • “Talking Stewardship”, Host Todd Beneby/Andrew McFall-Time: T & Th 3:30pm
  • “Marriage Enhancement”, Host Pastor Peter Joseph-Time: M&W 6pm
  • “Having Fun With Your Bible” with Reginald Forbes-Time: Sat. 7:10am/1:10pm
  • Local Church Sermons W-11am

Adventist Television News: We are also happy to announce that Adventist News will return to ATV 658 on January 27th with a rebroadcast on 28,th 2017. The news anchors are Latoya Burrows and Adriel Hepburn along with interim anchors and field reporters Kenisha Hanson, Shamara Thomas and Rumeko Young.

Current Local Television Shows:

  • Adventist News, F-7 pm, Sat-3 pm
  • Voices, ATCU Productions , F-7:15 pm, Sat 3:15pm
  • Around the Conference, Pastor Scavella-Host F-7:45 & S-3:15 P
  • Lessons from the word, Curtis Bryan-Host
  • Adventist News, F-7 pm, Sat-3 pm
  • Voices, ATCU Productions , F-7:15 pm, Sat 3:15pm
  • Around the Conference, Pastor Scavella-Host F-7:45 & S-3:15 P
  • Adventist Spotlight, Segment highlighting an event or church in the conference

RADIO TOWER: Adventist Media is seeking to purchase a new radio tower within a few months. It is needed because the original tower was damaged during Hurricane Matthew. We strongly suspect foul play so the matter is under investigation. Currently, we are using the bottom part of the tower as a make-shift tower which is not high enough, thus limiting our signal. We are seeking to purchase a new tower between 100 feet and 150 feet in height. This may range in price from $12,000 to $50,000. Continue to support Adventist Media with your financial donations and your prayers.

PLEDGE-A-THON: Our first Pledge-A-Thon was held in May 2016. Thanks to those of you who called in and donated helping to raise $3000 during this initiative. Our next Pledge-A-Thon is May 29 to 31, 2017. This is a time when persons can call our telephone lines and pledge to give a certain amount, whether it’s a one-time donation or consistently to our media ministry.

WEBPAGE: Our website usage is growing daily. Since April 1, 2016, more than 12,000 individuals have visited the site. We encourage you to go to the website at least twice a week—Mondays and Fridays, if not every day. It is truly “The Connecting Place” for every Adventist and friends of Adventists. All you need to know about our church is waiting there for you. Visit


  • Radio Coordinator/News Producer: Lavern Sturrup
  • Television Coordinator/Producer: Michelle Greene
  • Technicians/Camera: Philip Humes, Patrick Wilson
  • Engineer/IT Technician: Ephraim Bethel
  • Weekly News Paper Column Editor: Patrice Williams-Gordon
  • Weekly Logos Editor: Joan Scavella
  • Webpage/FaceBook/Twitter/Subscriptions: Barrington Brennen, Michelle Greene, Lavern Sturrup
  • Webpage Designer/Coder: Okell Damastus
  • Executive Producer/Director: Barrington Brennen