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Bahamas Academy Alumni Weekend April 8 & 9

Update April 8, 2017

Excitement. Energy. Refreshing. Enthusiasm

These are words that described the Bahamas Alumni Weekend held April 7 and 8, 2017 at the school. Energy was brought to us by Brenda Scott, class of 1980, who served as the Sabbath School Superintendent for the morning. We all laughed when she said she was a "member of the elite class of 1980. The class was elite because it was made of up student who for a long while thought they could not graduate." She said she wasted two years of school. She worked a lot at home and came to school to have fun. "Why should I work at school also," she argued to herself.'

The sermon for the worship hour was given by ministerial intern, Lorenzo Rolle, class or 2010. He shared with us principles from the story of Hosea and his unconditional love for his estranged wife.

We were blessed to have attending Betty Moses, class of 1935; and Phil Antonio, class of 1938. On Friday night, Betty Moses shared what was Bahamas Academy like in the 1930s. Also sharing on Friday night was the first Bahamian principal for Bahamas Academy, Pastor Hugh Roach.

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ABOVE: Betty Moses, age 98, sharing or Friday night how it was at Bahamas Academy in 1935 and earlier.

ABOVE: Lorenzo Rolle, class or 2010, given the Sabbath sermon.

Bahamas Academy Alumni Association will be hosting its first 2017 Alumni weekend of events on April 8 and 9. Church service will be held at Bahamas Academy, Marshall Road at 9:30 a.m. All are invited to attend.

Basketball and volleyball games will commence at sunset (7:30 p.m.) at the H. D. Colburn Gymnatorium, Wulff Road. Graduating classes will compete against each other for the championship. Championship games will continue on April 9 (time for this event will be provided at a later date). There will be a small entrance fee. Food will be sold. Alumni shirts will be on sale at the door. Proceeds will go toward construction and renovation of the school's basketball courts. Come out and support this grand event.

Edward Romer, Alumni Coordinator