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Spring into Wellness

The Uchee Pines Experience

The early morning dew on Sunday, March 26, 2017, heralded the beginning of a new day- a new experience and a new journey for the twelve member team from the various Adventist Churches in New Providence. Armed with great expectations and reserved excitement, the team boarded the national carrier, BahamasAir, as they began their journey to Seal, Alabama, United States of America, the home of Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center. They headed there for health education and rejuvenation. (Click on left photo to enlarge and see photos below.)

Nathelyn LaCoix, the Health Ministries Director of the Adventist Churches in the Southern Bahamas (South Bahamas Conference) headed the team. The day of travel ended with weary souls arriving at their destination in the dead of night. Though hungry and tired, the group was elated to finally arrive at their forested home. Orientation followed which outlined the course of the next few days. After a late night snack, the group was ready to retire for the night.

For the next few days participants followed a structured and packed schedule which included personal health and wellness, practical lifestyle education and spiritual renewal. This was coupled with hands-on training in either hydrotherapy, making & using herbal preparations, agriculture or plant-based cooking.

The Bahamian contingent, consisting now of 19 persons, was extremely receptive to the health education and lifestyle change offered by Uchee Pines instructors. By the end of the week many of us were experiencing healing benefits from the implementation of herbal remedies, treatments, plant based diet and the daily exercise periods.

As we departed on Friday, March 31, the early morning dew signaled the end of our journey. We left in jubilant praise, armed with the wonderful knowledge that will help to educate and empower individuals to live lifestyles for optimal physical, mental and spiritual health- one choice at a time.

Phyllis Woodside, group participant