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Pastor Ricardo Bain in New York


Bahamian pastor, Ricardo Bain, has created a unique ministry in New York. It is MYGEN. With assistance of Adventist youth he began a Cafe Church in the heart of the city. Read the inspiring story in the Adventist Review for June 2017. The article is entitled "First Café Church Opens In New York City. . . New congregation is attracting millennials, former members back to church." Read the entire article.

"In upper Manhattan, the MyGen Seventh-day Adventist Church recently opened its doors for its first official service. Upon entering the church, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not a conventional church. MyGen church is Greater New York Conference’s first Seventh-day Adventist “café church.” Instead of pews, round tables fill the space and worship is led from a stage platform. The members come dressed formally or informally, the music is lively, the service is interactive . . . . Read Article