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How Deep Are Your Spiritual Roots?

By Pastor Paul Scavella

Neil Orchard was talking with a farmer about his soybean and corn crops. Rain had been abundant, and the results were evident. So his comment surprised him: "My crops are especially vulnerable. Even a short drought could have a devastating effect." "Why?" Orchard asked. He explained that while we see the frequent rains as a benefit, during that time the plants are not required to push roots deeper in search of water. The roots remain near the surface. A drought would find the plants unprepared and quickly kill them.

Some Christians receive abundant "rains" of worship, fellowship, and teaching. Yet when stress enters their lives, many suddenly abandon God or think Him unfaithful. Their roots have never pushed much below the surface.

How deep are your spiritual roots? Would they be able to withstand a drought? Remember this, only roots grown deep into Jesus Christ help us endure times of drought in our lives.

The Psalmist David, in Psalm 1:2 declared his desire to meditate day and night in the Word of God, so that he would ensure his spiritual roots were deep enough to avoid being rooted up.

There will be storms and droughts in your life, yet being grounded in the Word of God ensures our ability to withstand any assault of the enemy.

Roots grounded in the Rock, Christ Jesus, guarantees victory over every besetting sin and circumstance!

Wishing every member of the church deep roots and spiritual success.

Your servant, Paul Scavella,