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En Buca de Esperanzo--Searching for Hope

La Senda de La Vida

Spanish speaking Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas

From August 7 to 22, 2017, the South Bahamas Conference will host the Inter American Division Adventist Mission Department Project called "100 Students Missionary Movement." Eleven students will come to Nassau on mission project. These students will conduct an evangelistic series and have Spanish classes at the La Senda de La Vida (Spanish Adventist Church, Nassau) Wulff Road. The series is entitled Searching for Hope (English) En busca de Esperanze (Spanish).

100 Students Missionary is a program where students from another culture and language travel to another country to do evangelism. The project has three dimensions. They are: Plant a Church! Grow a church! Expand God´s Kingdom!

The project is in it´s second phase which consists of: Grow a Church! Missionary Students from La Universidad de Navajoa, an Adventist school in Mexico, will carry out their mission at La Senda de La Vida, which was planted by La Universidad de Montemorelos in 2013. The project will culminate with an evangelistic series and the establishment of the first Pathfinder Club for Spanish speaking individuals. The church pastor is Jamal Franlyn.