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Hurricane Announcements

This is a special message from Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference concerning Hurricane Irma

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SPECIAL NOTICE SEPTEMBER 10, 2017--2:15 p.m.


T. Milton Lewis, principal of Bahamas Academy indicates that all workers of Bahamas Academy (all divisions) are to report to work on Monday morning, September 11, 2017. Classes for students begin on Tuesday, September 12, at regular times.


The Ministry of Education announces that all public school in the "all clear" areas will open on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at the regular hours. The exception will be on the islands where evacuation took place.

SEPT 10TH---Pastor Leo Rolle, Family Island Coordinator indicated via his WhatsApp Messenger that the initial report from Crooked Island indicates that the Adventist Church in Landrail Point just lost some singles. Two mobile home were destroyed. Nurse Carroll hand extensive damange to the roof of her home. Big bolder are on the front street in Landrial Point swept ashore by the sea surge. Great news is that everyone are safe.

ALL CLEAR FOR CENTRAL BAHAMAS. On September 9th all clear was given to Central Bahamas which include New Providence but not Andros.


The Bahamas Department of Meteorology has issued an “All Clear” for the Southeast Bahamas, including Inagua, Mayaguana, Crooked Island, Acklins, Long Cay and Samana Cay.
However, Hurricane Warnings remain in effect for the Northwest and Central Bahamas. These include Grand Bahama, Abaco, Bimini, The Berry Islands, Andros, New Providence, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island, Cat Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador and Ragged Island.

Everyone is being asked to listen to or watch the latest news from your favorite news provider for the path of Hurricane Irma and follow the directives given. It is imperative to be prepared and safe.

Note Carefully:

  • The Adventist Headquarters on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway will be closed on September 6th at 3 p.m. until further notice.
  • The Adventist Book and Nutrition Center will be closed on Thursday, September 7th at 1 p.m. until further notice.
  • Bahamas Academy closed from 12 noon, Wednesday, September 6th for teachers and students until further notice.
  • There will be no church services during the weekend in all Adventist Churches in the South Bahamas Conference affected by the path of Hurricane Irma. If all is clear, churches may open on Wednesday, September 14, 2017 for services.
  • Know the location of the hurricane shelter nearest to you, in case there is a need for evacuation.

After the hurricane, members of the Adventist Community Services will be making the appropriate responses to the needs. There will be administration will visit affected areas as soon as feasible to assess the damage and needs. If you have an emergency, kindly call one of the following.

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List of Hurricane Shelters on the Island of New Providence

  1. Aquinas College - Madeira Street
  2. Bahamas Academy - Madeira Street
  3. Baptist Bible Church - Soldier Road
  4. Bethel Baptist Church - Meeting Street
  5. C.H. Reeves - Robinson Road
  6. C.R. Walker - Blue Hill Road
  7. Calvary Bible Church - Collins Avenue
  8. Church of Christ - Kemp Road
  9. Church of God Auditorium - Joe Farrington Rd
  10. Claridge Primary School - Claridge Road
  11. College of The Bahamas - Oakes Field
  12. E.P. Roberts Primary School - Lincoln Blvd.
  13. Evangelistic Temple - Collins Ave.
  14. East St. Gospel Chapel - East Street
  15. Epworth Hall - Shirley Street
  16. Gambier Village School- Gambier Village
  17. Golden Gates Assemble - Golden Gates
  18. Hillview Seventh-day Church - Harrold Road
  19. Holy Epiphany Church - Prince Charles
  20. Holy Family Church - Robinson Road
  21. Jehovah's Witness Headquarters - Dolphin Drive
  22. Kemp Road Baptist Church - Kemp Road
  23. Mission Baptist Church - Hay Street
  24. Mt. Tabor Union Baptist Church - Pinewood Gardens
  25. Nassau Christian Academy - Soldier Road
  26. New Bethlehem Baptist Church - Independence Drive
  27. New Covenant Baptist Church - Independence Drive
  28. New Hope Missionary Baptist Church - Joan's Height
  29. Our Lady's Church Hall - Deveaux Street
  30. Queen's College - Village Road
  31. Salem Union Baptist Church - Taylor Street
  32. Salvation Army - Meadow Street
  33. Salvation Army - Mackey Street
  34. Sandilands Primary School - Fox Hill
  35. Sir Gerald Cash Primary School - Flamingo Gardens
  36. St. Augustine's Monastery - Bernard Road
  37. St. Barnabas Church Hall - Wulff Road
  38. St. Bede's Church Hall - Sutton Street
  39. St. Gregory Church Hall - Carmichael Road
  40. St. James Parish Church - St. James Road
  41. St. Michael's Youth Centre - Church Hill Ave.
  42. St. Thomas Moore School - Palmdale Ave.
  43. Wesley Methodist Church - Baillou Hill Road
  44. Woodcock Primary School - Hospital Lane
  45. Worker's House - Harrold Road
  46. Zion Baptist Church - South Beach