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Work in progress. Return here for updates January 3.

Tips to Help You Through the Hurricane

Simple tips by Barrington Brennen


Avoid constantly listening or watching hurricane news. It is not good for you. It can cause undue stress and anxiety. After listening and gathering the latest news, then listen to soft, relaxing music or watch a comedy. In The Bahamas you can turn to Channel 927 on Cable or watch HopeTV. Do not keep the channel all day to those news station. Too much CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS can make one cynical. Similarly, too much hurricane news can turn you into a hurricane. Yes, keep in touch with the facts, but you do not need to have the same facts repeated and repeated. Until the hurricane comes be at peace with yourself.


Make sure to get adequate sleep tonight. Go to bed early. Please, do not stay up too late. You might need the energy to deal with an emergency.


Please avoid over indulging in comfort foods (sweets, sugars) . Avoid alcohol and coffee completely. If you do use coffee and alcohol, do not increase what you use. This is the time you can get addicted, overweight, or sick.

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More to come