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For Greater Works: God Calls You to Blossom

Our conference is on the cusp of a series of evangelistic campaigns to be held in the churches. The possibilities are endless as we forge ahead with Christ our Lord. As we count our blessings, we are grateful for the privilege to be counted in this great work of saving souls. Our lives are gifts from a wonderful Saviour, given to honour and exalt Him; and by extension, to assist in the building of the body of Christ. Our lives are of great importance to humanity and to the nurture of God’s kingdom in the earth. Examine yourself and think of the many positive things that you enjoy doing or that you are capable of doing. Is there an additional or different offering we can give to Christ as we engage in spiritual warfare?

With the spate of atrocities injected in our psyche, from hurricanes to earthquakes, we can foresee that His Kingdom is at hand. Yes, He has brought us out of many toils and snares, but have you ever thought that in spite of all the chaos, He wants us to engage in the winning of souls. We should remember always, that we ARE evangelism.

In the South Bahamas Conference, we are determined to forge ahead in full steam on our Christian pilgrimage. We invite each boy, girl, woman, and man to blossom amidst the vicissitudes of life and see the mission to which He has called us. Through the daunting moments of your experiences, allow Christ to guide you. Muster all the effort you can and surge toward Kingdom building. This attitude will encourage us to witness to others. Our duty is to exalt Him… “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32, KJV).

We have been called to be partakers with Him. In accepting this role, we consciously surrender ourselves to His complete control; we no longer desire the things that hinder our spiritual growth; our attitudes to those whom we relegate to hopelessness in the cause of Christ become positions of inspiration, encouragement, and acceptance.

As we embark on these spiritual thrusts, we claim the power of God to fertilize every heart that comes under the anointing of His Word. As such, we can glory in His name for the souls that will be won to His Kingdom. Allow the Holy Spirit to internalize Lord Transform Me so that we can be the catalysts for the proclamation of His Word and the balm for the conservation of people whom He died to save.

Pastor Paul Scavella, President