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District Adjustments Voted September 21, 2017

Kindly be aware of the new assignments for district changes in light of the call of Pastor Price to the Union. The following district changes were voted on Thursday September 21, 2017 by the executive committee of the South Bahamas Conference. The assisnments are effective as of October 1, 2017

  • Nikita Thompson to Ephesus church
  • Carl Johnson to Agape and Ebenezzer Churches
  • Asha-dane Duncan to New Providence and Real Harvest
  • Terry Tannis to Philadelphia and Redemption
  • Larry Green to Maranatha
  • Natalie Roberts as ministerial intern at the Hillview Church

See CHURCHES Webpage for complete listing of churches, their pastors, location and contact information. See PASTORAL TEAM page for the complete list/photos of pastors.