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Pastor's Appreciation Month 2017

The month of October is Pastor's Appreciation month in the Adventist Church around the world. This Sabbath, October 14, 2017, is the day churches seek to affirm their pastors and ministerial interns.

While pastoring in South Andros over 20 years ago, a community friend of another faith would call me at approximately 6 o’clock on Sabbath mornings to pray with me. He asked God to give me the courage to minister to God’s people on the Sabbath. That has stayed with me until today.

On this tranquil island, members went fishing and would always remember to reserve a few cleaned fish for their pastor. This habit of theirs remains indelible and cherished. A constant joy of pastoral ministry is visitation. It is an aspect of ministry that our members appreciate greatly. Some express their gratefulness with tangible offerings like an avocado or a loaf of bread. These expressions of gratitude interpreted by the pastor grounds him into a deeper relationship with his parishioners. Not as a symbol of tangible expectation, but as a symbol of love.

While browsing my Facebook webpage, I pounced on a most gratifying expression by a young lady of whom God honoured me the opportunity to witness of His love. Her post had the most endearing thoughts of pastors whom she thanked God for making enormous deposits in her life. Can you guess who was at the top of the list? You are right, - yes, yours truly. I was forced to reflect on her journey. After more than 20 years she is still faithful to God. This public gesture gave the four pastors mentioned, a depth of encouragement. It spoke to a powerful level of appreciation.

Permit me, nonetheless, to encourage members and the church leadership to pause today and over the course of this month; and to demonstrate to your pastor, who has supported you on your spiritual journey, that you appreciate your pastor. Additionally, I wish to shower copious appreciation to the elders who have rendered spiritual guidance for two years to three Family Islands. They are: Elders Winston Ash, Kenneth Williams, and Marva Farquharson.

To all the pastors in the South Bahamas Conference - presently employed and retired - the administration values your commitment to Image result for paul scavellathe Lord and His mission. Special commendation is extended to our pastors on the Family Islands! We pray that each of us will be found faithful when Jesus comes.

[ Photos on the left are all the pastors living in the South Bahamas Conference--active and retired. ]

Pastor Paul Scavella, Ministerial Director (Photo on right)