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My Life Today with Melody Hanna

Posted December 16, 2008

Bahamian Architect in Pennsylvania
She is tall, gracious, and lovely. Melody Hanna, 23, a Bahamian architect living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is employed at Urban Design Associates and enjoys designing cities and neighborhoods. Her beautiful names, Melody Vashti Zanita, was chosen by her parents because of their special meaning--"Song of beauty from heaven."
At the tender age of one (1986), Melody left the Bahamas with her parents and older brother, Pharez, to go to Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica. Her father, Dr. Martin Hanna, who was serving as a pastor in The Bahamas, was asked to serve as Associate Dean of Men at the University. He also served there as a teacher in the Religion department and an associate pastor of the college church. Her mother, Dr. Henrietta Hanna, was asked to teach in the Nursing department.

Four years later the family moved to Michigan, USA, where her father attended Andrews Theological Seminary to begin studying for his PhD in systematic theology. It was during this time that Melody began school at the Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, on the campus of Andrews University, Michigan, where she stayed up to the seventh grade.

Then the family moved back to Northern Caribbean University where her parents served as teachers. Four years later, she moved back to Andrews University with her parents where they were asked to teach. Melody completed high school, college, and university at Andrews University. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree in December 2006. Then she completed a Master of Architecture degree in August 2007.
As an architecture student at Andrews University, Melody had the privilege of traveling to several destinations to view modern and ancient architecture. For example she visited with her class countries in South America and Europe, and many historical sites in North American.
Her older brother, Pharez, 24, earned a degree in Computing and works at Purdue University, IT department, North Indiana, just 30 miles south of Berrien Springs, Michigan.. Her younger brother, Zachary, age 12, is attending Ruth MurdockElementary School.
Melody is a member of the Hillcrest Seventh-day Adventist Church in Pennsylvania. She is also a member of the praise team and young adult choir and a section leader for the sopranos.
Although Melody spent most of her life abroad, she cherishes The Bahamas as her home. She enjoys returning home to meet friends and family. She especially enjoys the bright sunshine and the lovely beaches.
Melody's dream is to be a great architect and to succeed at the highest level in her field. She said: "my ultimate dream is to meet Jesus in heaven, but until then I'd like to be successful in my career. I'd like to get married, start a family, be happy, and just live a life that is a blessing to all that I come into contact with."