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My Life Today with Phillipa Walkes

Published March 25, 2015
Her face beams with joy and happiness. You may wonder why? Here’s her story. Phillipa Walkes, age 29, was living in the fast lane of life just over a year ago. As a single mother with a seven-year-old son, she found it necessary to have two jobs, one at a radio station and the other at a hotel. In the midst of her busy life, she was yearning for real meaning and purpose in her life. She grew in a Catholic Church but found it to be dull and dry. She wanted something different.
One day, while watching television, she came across 3ABN and found it interesting. The programs and messages seemed to be answering all of her questions on life and spiritual matters. She sensed a peace of mind as each day she listened and learned about the truths from the Word of God. One by one, without anyone knowing it, she was accepting the teachings as she heard them on the television from 3ABN. (Click on photos to enlarge)
Up to this point, she had never visited an Adventist Church or shared her new found peace with others. One day, while watching a program at home, she decided that she was going to keep the Sabbath and become a Seventh-day Adventist. On her own volition, she quit her job and went to San Salvador for about ten days to rest and reflect on her decision. When she returned to Nassau, she made up her mind that on Sabbath she would go to an Adventist Church. She woke up that Sabbath morning, got ready for church, and started to head out of the door when her sister asked her, "where are you going?" With a smile on her face, she responded, "I'm going to church."
That was an adventurous and somewhat disappointing first Sabbath for Phillipa. She first drove to Bethany Adventist Church on Wulff Road and discovered that it was closed. "That is strange," she thought to her self. Then she drove by Maranatha Adventist Church on Prince Charles Drive and then New Providence Church and saw that they were all closed. "Why are these churches closed today? Aren’t they Sabbath keeping churches?" she thought aloud. She felt depressed and did not want to go home to face any questions from her sisters. Still driving, she turned on the radio to a religious station and to her amazement heard someone advertising a Vegetarian Food Fair to be held at the Adventist Headquarters on Sunday. "I'm going to that Fair tomorrow and find out what is going on," she said to herself.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when Phillipa and her son turned up at the entrance to the Food Fair on the grounds of the Adventist Headquarters. To her surprise, she found out that there was an entrance fee. She had no money. What could she do? "I really need to ask someone some questions today. I cannot go home without finding out why there were no church services that Sabbath," she thought. "Please sir," she began as she shared with the gate attendant, "I do not want any food. I just need to know how I can become a Seventh-day Adventist." Just then Pastor Paul Scavella was passing nearby, and he heard the conversation and invited her inside the gate. He took her to his office where they had an intense Bible study. This is what she was looking for. She came with her mind made up. She was going to be an Adventist Christian. It was then that she found out about the gospel campaign conducted by Pastor Glen Samuels at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center. She now understood that the churches were closed because the members were worshipping at the tent that day. It was April 24, 2004, just a few days after hearing about the meetings that Phillipa was baptized. I witnessed her baptism on the sunny Sabbath day. She came out of the water beaming, smiling, and rejoicing in her new found faith, and she is still smiling today. When you see her, it is as if joy is radiating all around her.

From that Sabbath day her life has been different. In her own words, it has been "wonderful, joyous, happy, and peaceful." She said, "I no longer worry or have burdens. I have a wonderful church family at the Living Faith Adventist Church." Phillipa Walkes shares her testimony by the way she lives. Although she was unemployed for a short time because of her decision to keep the Sabbath, she did not let that discourage her. She knew she made the right choice. Today, she works at G.P. Batteries as the sales and office manager. She is actively sharing Christ by participating each night as a Praise Team member at the Power of Truth Crusade (March 2005). At her church she serves as an usher, choir member, health director, and is involved in the Conference Listen Up Television Ministry.

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Written March 24, 2005, by Barrington H. Brennen