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Fun & Laughs For Couples 2017

It Was Really Fun and Laughter

On Saturday Night, October 28, 2017, scores of married couples came to the "Fun and Laughs for Couples" on the grounds of the South Bahamas Conference. See photos below by Philip Humes

It's going to be fun! It's going to be exciting!

All married and engaged couples are invited to attend a night of fun and laughter on Saturday night, October 28, 2017, at 8 p.m. on the grounds of the South Bahamas Conference headquarters, 135 Tonique Williams-Darling Highway. There will be free drinks and eats. This is a "Winning Your Marriage Event."

Master of Ceremonies for the night will be comedian and actor, Chigozie Igeoma. He is affectionately called Hunkachunk and also known as Mr. 242. Versatile in his presentations, embodied with a gift of public relationship, a taste of gracefulness an acute instinct for family and social etiquette. He is a true master in his traits and has become one of the Bahamas' finest Master of Ceremonies.