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My Life Today with Tessine Watson


"The young Lions lack and suffer hunger but those that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing." Ps 34:10

I am Tessine Watson, born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas, to Olive and Charles Watson. I graduated from Bahamas Academy in 1980. I matriculated to Oakwood College for three years and in my third year after hearing returning missionaries tell their stories, I felt impressed that God was calling me to GO.

Consequently, I spent one wonderful year teaching English and Bible in Seoul and Teajon, South Korea. Subsequent to my return to the United States the Lord impressed me to study medical missionary work at Wildwood Sanitarium. A few years later I was hired to work at Ellen White Estate at the General Conference in Silver Spring Maryland.

I completed a bachelor in Religion from Columbia Union College and providentially ended up at Andrews Theological Seminary where I just recently (May 2006) graduated with a Masters of Divinity.

My grandfather was Leonard Rahming Sr., a colporteur for the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in the 1940’s who sold Ellen White books to my grandmother Inzalet Heastie, who later became a Seventh-day Adventist as well as Mrs. Inzalet Rahming.

I love being a missionary. Once a missionary you’re always a missionary. Once you get bitten with the mission bug you’re always going to dream of going back to the mission field. In 2002, I joined another evangelistic team to Suceava, Romania, where we held a Daniel and Revelation evangelistic series for 21 days. Prior to each meeting night I helped with health screenings and also gave health talks before each sermon. I absolutely enjoy giving bible studies and church planting. As an Associate Ministerial Intern at New Life I served in this capacity and totally enjoyed seeing souls come to know Jesus in a more personal way.

Recently, I spoke for Divine service at a church here in Silver Spring Maryland and I was invited to join their missionary team to India leaving on November 6-22, 2006. I’m really excited to be able to speak to the women in India about Jesus and about health.

Presently, I am temporarily working for the North American Division in Maryland. I am earnestly praying for a ministerial position within the church or even here at the General Conference Headquarters.

I find traveling to other countries (especially Bible lands) very intriguing. I have been on the New England Pioneer Tour where we visited the birth places of our church and also I have visited the seven churches of Revelation in Asia Minor and followed the footprints of Paul missionary journeys in Turkey and Greece. I also enjoy horseback riding and cooking vegan delights.


"I’ve learnt that if we trust God with all our hearts, not leaning to the way we think or understand things should be, and if we acknowledge his presence and his willingness and ability to help us, He has promised that He will guide and direct our travels, our finances, our relationships, our entire lives." Proverbs 3:5-7.

My contact: tessine at andrews dot edu (Substitute "at" with @ and "dot" with ".". There must be no spaces. This is done this way to avoid email software catchers.)