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My Life Today with Cindy Stuart

Cindy Stuart

This is a "My Life Today" story

Cindy Anita Stuart is the fourth of ten children born in Nassau, The Bahamas, to Norward and Eulease Rahming. Here family then moved to South Andros where she spent her growing years with her family and obtained her primary and secondary education.

After completing high school, she matriculated at Southwestern Adventist College in Keene, Texas, United States. After one year at this institution, she transferred to Oakwood College (now Oakwood University),graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management.

Cindy grew up in the Adventist faith as a third generation Adventist. Since returning home from college, she has been attending the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway,Nassau. Cindy is married to Lester Stuart and together they have two young adult daughters, Cintera and Celesta. Cintera is presently a fourth year student at Oakwood University studying Physical Therapy. Celesta is a 12th honor-roll grade student at Bahamas Academy.

For 16 years, she worked as an off-shore banker at Coutts and Co. which later became S. G Hambros and since 2006, Cindy has been employed with the Ministry of Finance at the Department of Statistics where she is a Statistician and an Assistant Supervisor in the Business Establishment Section.

What does Cindy do during her spare time? She says her hobbies are traveling, cruising, meeting people, and spending quality time with family and friends. From a child Cindy feared planes and flying however her love for travelling and curiosity about the world has taken her as far away as South Africa and China.

Cindy has been involved in Children’s Ministry for over fifteen years in her local church. You can see her face beaming as she shares about the special of joy that it brings, a special kind of deep fulfillment. She said “It teaches me humility and patience. It has had a long term positive effect on my life and the lives of the children who I care for, nurture, nourish and build through the holy spirit. I am privileged to be a part of the exercise of molding impressionable minds and the initiative of transforming lives – one child at a time.”

Her excitement in working with young people has offered her the great opportunity to attend numerous Pathfinder and Adventurer Camps in the Bahamas and abroad – such as Mexico, Osh Kosh -Wisconsin and Dominican Republic.

Noticing her commitment and dedication to the care and nurture of children, the leadership of the South Bahamas Conference recently appointed Cindy to serve as Assistant Director for Children and Adolescents Ministries . She will assist the director, Joan Scavella. Cindy said “This appointment is special because I’m always surrounded by children and desire to see them grow spiritually, mature physically and interact with others socially.”

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