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Family Emphasis Week 2017 in San Salvador

The Corkburn Town Seventh-day Adventist Church in San Salvador, The Bahamas, hosted Family Emphasis Week from November 29 through to December 2 2017. Guest presenters Pastor Danhugh Gordon and Patrice Williams-Gordon of South Bahamas Conference in Nassau addressed a wide cross-section of family related issues anchored on the premise that the family is one of God’s chosen vessels through which He demonstrates His love and as such is specially targeted by the devil to prove God a liar.
Participating families all received family sacs which allowed for participation in activities at the church as well as at home.
Nightly meetings provided an inspirational Spiritual Nugget presented by the Local Pastor, Alvarico Moss, melodious musical items and interactive sessions led by the presenters.
The dynamics of today’s family provided an exciting template from which to address relevant issues, especially for family-islanders whose families are often affected by one spouse gainfully employed on the mainland. Attendees consisted of Seventh-day Adventist members in addition to community members and clergy from several other denominations. Children and adults alike gave raving reviews of the positive impact the series had on their families.
In addition to the church-held meetings, Pastor and Mrs. Gordon also conducted motivational sessions at both the primary and secondary schools presenting tangible gifts which reinforced the messages. To climax the weekend, one family had the pleasure of sharing in the baptism of one of their members while the congregation rejoiced. All who participated in the weeks activities received certificates of participation.