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2018 Year of the Child and Adolescent

"The Talking Backpack"

Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists


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"THE TALKING BACKPACK is a program of missionary impact that will provide the opportunity for each child and young person involved, to use the most effective means of evangelization based on personal, spiritual and moral growth as a safe means of testifying. It will use a modality that will attract children and young people to follow practices modeled by Jesus Christ. "

MESSAGE FROM Pastor Israel Leito, President of the IAD

"When it comes to childhood and adolescence, we cannot continue with what we who are now adults did, perceived, or liked. Of course, we are not talking about principles but about tastes; how things are done and even the language that is used.

Who would have thought that one could do evangelism and even promote the retention of children and teenagers with a backpack?

We are confident that this new and eye-catching program, "The Talking Backpack ", will fulfill the goal of helping children and adolescents to be in the "wave" of testifying and preaching without the effort of speaking, because this work can be done without saying a word.

We long for parents, teachers and leaders to feel the satisfaction of their children participating in the great program of "Every Member Involved", and that through "the Talking Backpack " they can bring many children to Christ and provide a lasting experience to the ones who have already surrendered to the Lord.

We pray that each "Backpack" brings joy and satisfaction to the heart of its wearer, curiosity to those who look at them, and especially conversion to the friends of the children and adolescents."

PURPOSE: The year 2018 was designated by the Inter American Division as the Year of the Child and Adolescent. It is to be used in the formulation of a missionary program that complies with the General Conference strategy "Total Member Involvement" and the Inter-American Division theme: "Lord Transform Me”, giving the opportunity to children and adolescents to study, live and share the message with their friends, neighbors and companions.

Special attention should be given to this project so that your organization will be timely, and arouse the interest and expectation of participation.


  1. Create awareness in the children and adolescents, about the importance of developing a Christ like character, not only to live a fulfilling life, but also to be a witness of what God can do for and with each of His children.
  2. Awaken and develop in each child and adolescent the spirit of service and mission.
  3. Each child and adolescent must feel that they are part of the Great Commission of the Church by becoming involved in an evangelistic program that will result in the growth of the church and the winning of souls for the kingdom of God.

Children's Ministries Webpage