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Tanker Refueling--Adventist Review Article by Patrice Williams-Gordon

The following article in the December 3, 2017 edition of the Adventist Review, is written by Patrice Williams-Gordon, special events coordinator for the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Nassau, Bahamas. (Truck photo below from Adventist Review)

Thoughts on a Tanker refueling

Good stewardship for good caregivers

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma a lone gas tanker being refueled caught my attention.

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Just a few days before, gas tankers had been the center of attention. In the disruptions that follow hurricanes, everyone was seeking to fill up gas tanks and store reserve supplies of gasoline. Lines of people at gas stations snaked away around corners. And with gas stations running out of the precious fuel, the sight of any loaded tanker inspired pandemonium, as panic-stricken motorists stormed the vehicle, necessitating police escort services for the tanker. But now, with life returning to normal, my gas tanker has lost its celebrity status: now it’s just another truck being quietly refueled. Thoughts on its renewed commonplaceness now hold me captive. . .

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