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State of the Conference Begins with a Packed Sanctuary

The state of the Conference annual meeting begun with a packed sanctuary and on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at the Hillview Adventist Church. The first night featured the Children's and Adolescence Ministries of the South Bahamas Conference. The music and preaching of the gifted children inspired the congregation. State of the Conference is an annual event when the president presents his plans for the coming year. This year it is being held for a few days (Wednesday to Sabbath) instead of the usual Sabbath afternoon alone. On Thursday the Adventist Youth will be feature and on Friday, the Personal Ministries Department will be featured.

The photos below were taken by Media Staff photographer, Bridgett Bell-Bastian (More photos to come)

  • Click HERE for the PDF Program of the State of the Conference
  • Click HERE for the insert with the President's Letter and Lord Transform Me Song