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Del Delker Was a Musical Gem

By Barrington H. Brennen

Image result for del delkerMany might have seen the news already. One of Adventist's great musicians for that past 60 years, Del Delker, died on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. She was 93. Who was Del Delker? She was a soloist with the Voice of Prophecy and often traveled around the world with the Kings Heralds. She visited The Bahamas with the King's Heralds and H. M. S. Richards in the late 1960s. I had the joy of personally meeting her at that time. I was just in my teens who admired her and the King's Heralds. I was in a quartet at that time called "The Kings Voices" that sung all over The Bahamas. We memorized the King's Heralds 25th Anniversary Album and sung all of the song around Nassau. It was years later when I met Del Delker again at several General Conference Sessions where we both gave musical selections. I found her to be witty, energetic, a true musical gem and a wonderful Christian woman. She was known for her rich, deep contralto voice that was soothing and encouraging. Del never got married and gave her entire life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus around the world through music. She produced at least 37 albums in several languages.

The following was taken from the Adventist Review article entitled "Voice of Prophecy Soloist Del Delker Passes to Her Rest"

"Beloved Voice of Prophecy soloist Del Delker passed to her rest this morning in Porterville, California, USA., at the age of 93. For more than five decades, whether over the airwaves, in a church or at an evangelistic meeting, her strong contralto voice unabashedly shared Christ's love with rapt audiences around the world. Said Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra, "Del had the ability to preach a sermon through a song. Her face was radiant with the love of Christ, and over and over, I heard people say that listening to her was a taste of heaven!"
Her close friend (and pianist/organist) Phil Draper said, "I spoke to her last week and found her bright, witty and jovial—but tired. She was ready to rest in the arms of Jesus. She commented how she'd sung and talked about the soon coming of Jesus and was amazed it hadn't happened. Next awakening she will see Him face-to-face. I promised her we'd travel through the Universe singing His praises. Rest dear friend, Del. I will see you in the Morning." [ READ ENTIRE STORY ]

For those of you who never heard her sing and those who would like to be reminded of her sweet voice,I selected a few videos of her that you will enjoy.

Below she is singing, then in her 80s, with all the living members of the King's Heralds. "Holy, Is What the Angle's Sing"

Below she is singing in 2000 at age 76 with the Christian Edition the song "My Jesus I Love Thee" This was recorded on July 8, 2000 in Toronto, Canada during the 57th General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventist.

Below she sings "I surrender All" from one of her albums.

Below she sings "Come Let Us Reason"

Below she sings "This world is not my home" She is singing with the Wedgwood Trio. This trio was popular in the70s to 80s. At the time there music was unique. They used the box guitar and double bass violin.

Here is Del singing in Spanish