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Retrieving Biographies of Long-Standing Members

Retrieving Biographies of Long-Standing Members

The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department (PARL) has engaged in the project of collecting biographies of all members in the conference who have reached seventy years old and above and who have served the church for over ten years.

Should you fall in this category, kindly submit your name along with a one-page single spaced typewritten biography. Use WORD format with Times Romans 12 font. This is if you have not been contacted by one of the designated persons in your church.

A clear portrait photograph should accompany each biography. In the event you do not have a satisfactory photograph, we can take one for you. These biographies are due by April 14, 2018. Please deliver the biographies and photographs to the PARL director of your church or to Mary Knott at the South Bahamas Conference office.

Paul A. Scavella, PARL Director

Biographies can be emailed to Barrington Brennen at