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Music Workshop at Philadelphia Church

The Music Ministries Department of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church will host a Praise Workshop from Thursday, April 26, 2018 through Sabbath, April 28, 2018 at the church in Elizabeth Estates. Sessions will be led by Theo Milford, gospel vocalist and worship leader; and Dermaine Isaacs, pianist. Both presenters are from the Washington D.C. area. Praise and worship teams, choirs, or anyone interested are invited to attend.

Please contact Pastor Terry Tanis at telephone number 636-3078, or Annette Dorsett music coordinator, at telephone number 324-5654 or 423-8252 by April 15, 2018 for further details and if you wish to participate. -

Pastor Terry Tanis and Annette Dorsett, Music Coordinator; Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church