Want to Live Healthy Graduation

Want to Live Healthy Graduation

On Sabbath, June 27
th, a commencement exercise was held for 279 persons who participated in the ‘I Want to Live Healthy’ program. This is an initiative of the Health Ministires Department of the Inter-american Division. The goal of the program is to make people more aware of how simple healthy living is.
Over the course of the last 8 - 9 weeks, individuals participated and adopted 8 healthy habits each week that would enhance their overall health. These habits included; water, positive attitude, salads, exercise, rest, fasting, breakfast and happiness. Participants gave testimonials on how they incorporated the 8 different habits into their lives and how much improvement it has made.

In attendance and giving greetings were; Pastors Leonard Johnson, President, ATCU and Paul Scavella, President, SBC. Mrs. Shirlene Henriques, Director Health and ADRA, Ministries of ATCU was the guest speaker for the occasion. She commended the participants for choosing to be a part of this life changing program. She reminded them that with Christ anything is possible and that the purpose for keeping themselves healthy is to be a part of the great commission – preaching and teaching and baptizing (leading people to Christ).

At the end of the program all persons present were invited to partake of a healthy supper of, salad and water.

The next step for ‘I Want To Live Healthy’ is to launch it to the community.

We encourage all of our church members to participate in this program first and then take it to the community.


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