Youth's Of The Month


Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church
Youth of the Month
Bro. Ashley Edwards

Bro. Ashley Edwards is a FBI. His mission is to serve the King.
Bro. Ashley currently serves as deacon and head of the communication department at Breath of Life. He is very active in the youth department. He loves to sing and is a member of BOL Youth Choir.
Bro. Ashley is a disciple of Jesus Christ.
His goal is Heaven, his road is narrow, his Guide reliable, and his mission clear. He cannot be bought, compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed. He won't give up, back up, let up, or shut up until he have preached up, prayed up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up for the cause of Christ. Bro. Ashley is a FBI…………a Firm Believer in Christ!


Name: Kameron Hanna
Age: 15
School: Bahamas Academy
Church: Real Harvest SDA
Church Office: Asst. Treasurer, Jr. Deacon
Activities: Actively involved in RH Youth Choir & Asst. Choir Chaplain, Bahamas Academy Sr. Basketball team, School Photographer & Maritime Cadet.



Johnson Park's youth of the month, Deion Nicols. She is a adventurers deputy director and also teaches children Sabbath school.


Dante Clarke

Dante Clarke is a young lady who is serious about serving God. A 12th grade student at Anatol Rodgers Senior High, Dante ensures that she represents Christ wherever she goes. She is involved in the youth department, as she has been chosen to serve as a youth leader in training at the Good News SDA Church this year. She is also very active in youth forum and the youth choir. Already she has displayed her enthusiasm and commitment by confidently expressing creative and spiritually impacting ideas for the youth department, which we look forward to executing by God's grace.


Aaliyah Mackey

Aaliyah Mackey rightfully deserves to be Good News SDA youth of the month. With her willingness to take an active part in the AY department, Aaliyah has proved that and more. Aaliyah recently received numerous awards at the Good News Pathfinder's Award Ceremony, earning the Director's Pathfinder of the Year award. An 11th grade student at C.V. Bethel Senior High, Aaliyah makes every effort to be involved in every aspect of the work of the youth.
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