Wellness & Prevention Week at Berea

‘Let Everything That Hath Breath, Praise the Lord!” was the caption of Prayer and Praise Service on Wednesday evening April 17, that marked the start of the Week of Wellness and Prevention at Berea SDA Church. Activities throughout the week included seminars, workshops and live demonstrations on wellness and prevention.

Special thanks to Mr. Basil Miller, Senior Agriculture Officer of the Department of Agriculture, who exposed the dangers of store-bought pesticide-laden plant-based foods (produce) and stimulated great interest in ‘Back-yard Farming’. Listeners were especially startled to learn how dependent Bahamians are on the importation of food, as the food supply in the country can only suffice for two weeks. Mr. Miller underscored the urgency to grow our own food and shared vital information on crop rotation, importance of direct sunlight, soil composition and natural pesticides. The oral presentation was complimented with an outside demonstration of a home-based irrigation system. Over one hundred eager person from the church and attended this seminar. The first forty attendees received a starter kit, inclusive of seeds, soil and an irrigation system.

An engaging question-and-answer session was facilitated by Doctors, John Carter, Joseph Evans, Tony Frankson, Alpheus Alleck, Idamae Hanna, and Alvira Higgs. Matters discussed ranged from simple headaches to issues on fertility.

During the ‘Lets Get Physical’ session on Sunday morning, children and teens were introduced to games of the good old days like, hopscotch, bat and ball (roundance) and jacks among others. These all met the fancy of the kids who were left begging for more.

People are truly becoming more conscious of what they are consuming for food believing the adage “You are what you eat”. This was evident as persons came out in droves on Sunday afternoon to Vegan Cooking Class to learn alternative ways of preparing protein plant-based dishes. Two of the main protein products used for the entire cooking class were, lentils and Tofu. Some dishes prepared were, Carrot Lentil Cake, Scrambled Tofu, Stew lentils, baked brown rice, Lasangua, Stove-top brown rice, Oatmeal Cookies, granola, and Sweet and Sour Tofu.
The first module of The Wellness and Prevention Training Programme, which begun on January 3, concluded with twenty-eight participants ranging from ages 80 to 10, being certified. The program consists of four modules Lifestyle Principles, Anatomy & Physiology, Hydrotherapy and Massage, and Herbology.

The week of activities was truly inspirational. Lives have been transformed and it was evident that the presence of the Holy Spirit was there.

Article By: Nathelyn LaCroix,
Health Director, Berea SDA
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