The Soaring Orators of Johnson Park Toastmasters Club

Leadership is important in every organization because it ensures continuity and makes sure it does not fall apart. This is no different at The Soaring Orators of Johnson Park Toastmasters Club, and on Wednesday July 6th 2011 we saw that the organization is in no danger of falling apart. To begin the new Toastmaster year,eight officers were installed, as Toastmasters from the soaring orators and clubs around New Providence watched as the Toastmasters Division Governor pinned each of the new executives. They are:

President: TM Takara M. Lewis ACB,ALB
Vice President of Education: TM Estelle Clare CC CL
VIce President of Membership: TM Chandalear Forbes CC
Vice President of Public Relations: TM Joseph Lewis
Treasurer: TM Yamma St. Fleur
Secretary: TM Manouchka Bien-Aime
Sergeant at Arms: TM Yvan Cherenfant
Immediate Past: Rory Major ACB.ALB

The pinning ceremony was followed immediately by the President's address entitled "I Lead because I fear leadership" where she encouraged Toastmasters to step away from their comfort zone and seek to offer themselves as leaders within the club.

The highlight of the evening was the award ceremony where the following awards were given out:
Rising Star of the year: Runner up - TM Sophia Hughes, Winner - TM Yvan Cherenfant
Evaluator of the year: Runner up - TM Carla Hamilton CC CL, Winner - TM Barry SHane Saunders ACS ALB
Speaker of the year: Runner up - TM Joseph Lewis, Winner - Eric Sweeting ACB
Toastmaster of the year: Runner up: TM Eric Sweeting ACB, Winner - TM Donna Hanna

The Soaring Orators of Johnson Park meets every Wednesday from 6 p.m to 7:15 p.m and is open to all Seventh Day Adventist ages 18 and older. For more information contact us at or on our facebook page, facebook/soaringorators

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