Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Women’s Ministry Community Outreach.

Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Women’s Ministry Community Outreach.

The Women’s Ministry Department of the Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church in Exuma garnered the support of the Men’s and Children’s Ministries Department to take part in a Community Outreach project on Sabbath, May 2. The exuberant church members knocked on almost every door and received warm receptions from the residents. The multi-purpose community walk about was to remind residents that the Seventh Day Adventist Church in their community loves them and want to impact their lives. Additionally, residents were given a short questionnaire to ascertain their needs and see how best we could respond to those needs. Furthermore, residents were given copies of the book, Health and Hope.
Pertinent to our community visit was to invite persons to the Mother’s Day Service. In an act of unselfishness, the mothers of the church opted not to celebrate Mother’s Day in the traditional way where they are served and pampered. They instead decided to serve the people in the community. Members of the community responded in a positive way and joined us on Sabbath for a day of worship and fellowship. Dr Deval Rolle was the Speaker for the day and the guest soloist was Nurse Gina Ferguson. At the end of the service our visitors joined us in a fellowship meal.
The response from the community was encouraging and a resident has committed to worship with us every week. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for guiding us in this venture. We will endeavour to do this again soon. Please pray for our church us as we continue to “grow together in Christian love.”

Moss Town Church family in church T-Shirts....ready to go into the community

Residents receives a visit from team members

Dr. Deval Rolle meditates as she prepares to deliver the message on Mother's Day


Mothers in the kitchen


Matriarch Leona Curtis cuts the cake on Mothers Day

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