April 18, 2015 has been dubbed Health Impact Day 

April 18, 2015 has been dubbed Health Impact Day 

Dear friends,

According to the instructions God gave to His prophet, our health message will play a very important role as we preach the Three Angels’ Message.
Our new missionary book, Health & Wellness: Secrets That Can Change Your Life, is an important missionary tool for our church members everywhere to help spread God’s Message.

In a joint venture of Health and Publishing Ministries, we are planning an Impact Day event for April 18, 2015. During this event, all departments and institutions of our church are welcome to join and participate in health expos, activities, and in distributing books.

This newsletter has the goal of sharing with you what our leaders are planning for this project.
Send us the plans for Impact Day in your territory. We will be happy to share them in our next newsletter.
We pray that our health message will impact the lives of many people around the world.
Enjoy reading the first Health Impact Day Newsletter.


Wilmar Hirle, Editor
Health Impact Day Newsletter

Nathelyn LaCroix
Health Director SDA

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