New Pastor Installed In Cat Island

Local News 8
The Elders, officers and members of the Cat Island District of Churches, during the recently held Family Island Convention, welcomed their new non-resident Pastor, Mark Ewen, on Sabbath January 19, 2013. Under the theme ‘Double Your Portion’, members of both Seaview SDA Church and the Devil’s Point SDA Church assembled at the Seaview SDA Church for a joint convocation. Executive Secretary for South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Peter Joseph, lead the installation of the new pastor and delivered the Divine Service message. He presented the word of God with power and clarity as he spoke of the gift of prophecy to the Adventist church. The members received their new pastor with open arms. They praised God for another pastor to provide leadership and direction.

Pastor Ewen is no stranger to the Bahamas. A native of Jamaica, he previously served this Conference in the district of North Andros from 2004 to 2008. He returns from Andrews University, Michigan, where he pursued the Masters in Divinity.

Pastor Ewen is married to, Taweisha Whylly a Bahamian guidance counselor. They are proud parents to two children Matea, age 12 and Mark Jr., age 5. Mark Ewen began pastoral ministry in his native home, Kingston, Jamaica, in 1997, where he pastored eight churches and was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2002. In addition to serving as non-resident pastor to the Cat Island District, Pastor Ewen also serves as the Pastor of the Living Faith Church in Nassau.
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