Message From Paul A. Scavella

messagefromthepresidentbannerDear members and friends:

Another school year has begun, and certainly glory and honour can be given to God for a successful opening. Does this mean we are without challenges? No, only in heaven will we be void of that. The school board continues to give oversight to the operations as we seek the Lords guidance from day to day.

The main purpose for addressing you the friends and well wishers of Bahamas Academy is twofold. Firstly, to make you aware of ways in which you can assist in helping this outstanding institution. As school prepared for opening, it became obvious that a minimum of twenty students are having challenges meeting the financial requirements. You can help! The school is constantly seeking to assist through scholarships. The teachers even go as far as contributing out of their salary to a scholarship fund. What an excellent example of commitment to Christ Centered Education. You are invited to join them in this effort by contributing monthly, quarterly, or annually to the fund.

Secondly there are a few urgent needs: The Home Economic lab is in need of a fridge, two stoves, a washer and dryer. Additionally, the academy is in need of three additional computers for the elementary lab.

Persons willing to assist are kindly asked to contact Ms. Nadia King at the School, or Mrs. Patrice Williams-Gordon at the SBC headquarters.
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