Grant's Tows SDA Launches Series

Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, hosted scores of parents and children from the Bain and Grant’s Town Community at its inaugural Community Parenting Workshop held at the church on Saturday, August 3 at 2:00 pm. In attendance to bring remarks to parents was The Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage - Minister of National Security and M.P. Bain and Grant’s Town. Also in attendance to bring brief remarks were Pastor, Dr. Leonard Johnson - President, Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Paul Scavella - President, South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Peter Joseph - Executive Secretary, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A and Senior Pastor of Grant’s Town, S.D.A., Pastor Kenny Deveaux - Family Life Stewardship and Trust Director, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A. Acting Deputy Commissioner, Leon Eddison Bethel was the Keynote Speaker and addressed parents on the topic ‘A Parent’s Role in Making Your Community a Safer Place’

The series of ongoing FREE parenting workshops is designed to educate parents with children ages 0 -17 about their role and responsibilities and equip them with the resources to develop more effective parenting skills that will engender the desired attitudes and moral behaviors in children to become good moral citizens of The Bahamas. The series will cover a wide array of topics to include Parenting Roles/Responsibilities, Parent/Child Relationships, Love & Discipline, Health & Nutrition, Emotional Security, Conflict Resolution, Child Abuse, Family Planning, Domestic Violence, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Single Parenting, Communication, Education, Teenage Pregnancy, Safety, Stress, Spiritual & Moral Values, Behavior Management, Alcohol & Drug Addition, to name a few.

Close to 200 parents from the community attended the workshop while approximately 80 children, accompanying their parents, were entertained with bible stories and skits hosted by the young adult and teenage Pathfinder Club members of the church. A ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ was conducted as part of the workshop to assess the needs and concerns of these parents. The survey results will be used to identify additional resources to meet some of the needs of the community and as a guide for future planning of these workshops, including the development of other outreach initiatives. Immediately following the workshop, parents and other invited guest were provided with a hot meal and each parent went away with a bag of grocery items. As parents returned to their respective corners and shared their experience with neighbors, between 30 – 40 new parents dropped by to collect grocery items and register for future workshops.

This programme came as an inspiration to Grant’s Town member Wendy Butler who envisions the church playing a significant role in the solution to the unprecedented levels of crime and other social ills that continue to threaten the social fabric of our once peaceful nation. The overarching goal of these workshops is to build meaningful long-term relationships with the community that will bring about healing and social change. Organizers of the event included Peter & Wendy Butler, Stephen & Alfreda Knowles (Family Ministry Leaders), Moses & Anniemae Armbrister , Dawn Albury-Gaitor, Chilean Burrows, Aniska Barnett, Joann Lewis, Sandrena Benjamin, Harold & Carol Dorsette, Linda Hepburn, Antoinette Darling, Alexandria Scott, Obed Datus, Corey Wallace, Oneil Green, Horatio Sullivan, Ricardo Reid, Mark Brown, Pastor Peter Joseph, Elder Christopher Stewart and Inspector Chrislyn Skippings. Special thanks to our donors South Bahamas Conference, D’Albenas Agency, Xtra Value Food Store, Blue Hill Meat Mart, Thompson’s Trading, Super Value Food Stores, Milo Butler & Sons Wholesale, Asa H. Pritchard, Lowes Wholesale, Purity Bakery, Phil’s Food Services, Island Wholesale and members of the Grant’s Town S.D.A. church.
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