Bahamas Academy: Day of Prayer

A week of activities spearheaded by Chaplain Natalie Roberts climaxed on Friday, March 7, 2014, with the Inter-America Division’s Day of Prayer celebrated in its field schools.

Students from both campuses of Bahamas Academy gathered at the Marshall Road site in Nassau, New Providence for an unforgettable and spiritually uplifting event. Plans for this event started in September, no wonder the planning committee was impressed with the powerful results wrought by the Holy Spirit!

Some of the highlights of the event are listed below:
Pastor Peter Joseph, executive secretary of the South Bahamas Conference gave a power packed charge encouraging all of us to pray. He said, “The reason why I pray is simple - I pray because Christ prayed. If He being perfect found the time to pray, I should also.”

  • Testimonies were given by two students who told the receptive audience how God answered prayer in their lives. A 9th grader testified of God’s healing of premature twins directly after she prayed for them. She related the story of her mother’s client who had premature babies who were very ill. The student gave her mother a message to give her client, “Tell that mother that on Sabbath at 12:00 noon her babies will be discharged from the hospital.” The 9th grader prayed for the babies and also that they would be discharged. Her prayers were answered precisely by God and as a result the twins’ siblings are now students at Bahamas Academy! Our enrolment increased because of a girl who prayed! Isn’t God powerful? The 12th grader gave a testimony of God revealing His purpose for her and allowing her to be granted acceptance into her medical missionary program.

  • A group of 12th grade students performed a wonderful skit which reminded us all on how we should pray. They portrayed thankfulness as the number one component of prayer.

  • Our Director of Education, Mrs. Joan Scavella gave a succinct but all-encompassing prayer for our school and extended gratitude to God for the work of other fields of the Inter-American Division including our union.

  • Songs performed by the Early Learning Centre, Primary school and the School Band were well received by the audience.

  • A special feature was the prayer tent. The school came together as a student body to pray over the prayer requests that students, staff, and teachers left in the prayer tent.

The prayer tent, decorated by teachers and students, provided an intimate and sacred place to pray. Both teachers and students were able to leave prayer requests in the love box and prayed at prayer stations, namely: Prayer for Others, Repentance, Thanksgiving, and Prayer for Oneself.

Prayer is the life of the soul. Prayer is the life of the school. Coming together as an entire school body to pray not only unites us as a school, but as children of the most High King. I truly believe the promise found in Jer. 29 that says, “When we call upon Him, He will answer.”

Natalie Roberts,
Bahamas Academy Chaplin,
Nassau, Bahamas

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