Path To Life Family Campaign

Beginning May 4 , 2013 under the Big White Tent on Gladstone Road, just opposite Polar Ice, Pastor Paul A. Scavella will present soul stirring, hope restoring messages just right for this time. 

In the beginning God created man with the ability to live forever. After sin, man was destined to die yet the innate desire to live forever was never removed. No one wants to die. This is evidenced through all the resources, researches, and interventions man has undertaken to lengthen life. Mankind fears death for himself and is torn emotional by the death of those he loves. Though studies reveal that human life expectancy has increased, man is still dissatisfied because long life does not equate to quality life. So the search for life continues.

The Path to Life Family Campaign will give you the answers you have been searching for, with practical guidelines for a better life here and a sure passageway to eternal life.
The features of the crusade will address matters that are close to the heart of every family member. This family-focus is especially needed at this crucial time in our country.  Whatever affects the family affects the nation. The messages will focus on aspects of family life including singles, married couples, those preparing for marriage and those who have been divorced. Children and youth will find that the joy which Christ offers is so much more lasting when compared with the options of the world.
Some of the nightly subjects include:
  • How To Stop Quarreling and end the Violence
    Seven Steps to Get Your Child to Obey
    It Isn’t Worth the Tears
    Can I Be a good Christian and Enjoy Sex?
    Ten Things Every Man Should Know About a Woman
Come share this experience. Register for free health screening and receive Scriptural Text Balloons for the children.
Looking forward to meeting you there on May 4, the Grand Opening Night.

ptl famil campaign
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