Be Responsible With The Servant Of The Lord

During this time of the year and especially in matters relating to The Christmas season many members within the church tend to misuse Sister Ellen White to make points that she never made and never intended to make.

The prophetess to the remnant church was given as a gift to this church for the purpose instructing and encouraging the saints on their path to Heaven.

Members who abuse the writing of the servant of the Lord are no better than those who take the bible to support the abolishing of the Sabbath in exchange for Sunday or any other worship day.

In the same manner to not use her works is like a father giving his child the gift of a college education with full payment of tuition and the child goes to school but never attends class. What a waste.

I came across this poem by Thelma Burton and I though to share it with you today:

Sister White said it!!!!

Sister White said it
Well…. I never really read it,
But someone said she said it.
So of course it must be so.

To prove my point, I’ll quote it,
Though I can’t show where she wrote it,
But someone said she said it,
And that’s all I need to know.

It save a lot of time for me,
If I just listen carefully,
When others speak of sister White
And they say she said.

Though I can’t repeat it word for word
I’ll Tell you what I think I heard,
And quote you things from sister White,
That no one’s ever read.

Let us be responsible with the writing of the servant of the lord this Christmas.

She was a well-balanced lady. To misuse her or anybody for our own selfish opinions is not pleasing to God.

Have a blessed Sabbath.
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