He Bounced Like a Deer and Hearts Responded

His voice slightly seasoned with huskiness and his feet bouncing like a deer, the energetic and passionate, Pastor Shiann O’Connor, thrilled and inspired hundreds each night for four weeks at the “Count Down to the End Gospel Campaign” under the big tents in Nassau by the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center. The meetings began on Saturday night, September 22 and ended on Saturday afternoon, October 20, 2012.

It has been a long time believers and curious listeners heard the gospel so simple and clear. With his gifts of teaching and exposing the hidden truths, each night Pastor O’Connor, with the use of scripture and contemporary illustrations, explained the Biblical teaching in ways that even a child could understand. It was thrilling to see the faces of those in the pews, with their eyes fixed on the screen to read the passages from the Bible, then fixed on the on the stage, as Pastor O’Connor panned up and down like a passionate, caring deer, eager to share and protect. “He is so inspiring” Sally, a curious visitor said who stopped by one night and kept on coming.

Pastor O’Connor is a creative and theologically astute preacher. Perhaps the sermons that will long linger in the minds of the listeners will be those on the 2300 day prophecy and the judgment. How would we be able to forget his step-by-step explanations and graphic illustrations? The use of the white board (magnified on the giant screen for easy viewing) to calculate the prophetic dates was most appreciative. Even a little child was able to understand.

Many will not forget Friday nights when the audience came in great numbers to hear topics on family and relationships—homosexuality, sex, and marriage. Each topic was sandwiched with a spiritual message of salvation. Laughter and enthusiastic “Amens” garnished with hand raising and clapping, the listeners will be forever blessed by the informative presentations.

Each night of the meeting Pastor O’Connor connected to the audience first by welcoming the visitors, giving of DVDs of the previous night’s sermon, and also school, backpacks for students. What a blessing! Although the Bible texts were projected on the giant screen during the sermons, it was wonderful to see the hundreds of visitors and church members bringing their Bibles, and taking notes. When the appeals were made, scores would move forward to the altar. Even those who just stood during the appeal, you could see in their faces the somber contemplation as they sang with the others the appeal song.

We praise God for 434 persons who got baptized during this series. This makes it the largest number persons baptized in any single campaign in The Bahamas and the largest campaign for Pastor O’Connor.

With crowds up to more than two thousand on Sabbaths and down to twelve hundred each week night, some even sitting in their cars trucks around he tent, we know that everyone received a blessing. We will long remember Pastor O’Connor, a native of Jamaica residing in Cayman Islands and serving as the president of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It certainly was a “Count Down to the End Gospel Series” when he bounced like a deer and hundreds responded.
Contributed by, Pastor Barrington Brennen
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