Cat Island Convention

Cat Island, home of the highest point in the Bahamas, lived up to its reputation by hosting a true ‘mountain top’ experience during the recently held winter convention. Travelling from Nassau, the home of the South Bahamas Headquarters, were pastors and laypersons who both conveyed a blessing and received many themselves. The contingency was lead by the non-resident pastor, Mark Ewen and his wife Tawisha. Other members were Pastor and Sis. Kenny Deveaux, Bro. and Sis. Okell Damastus, Bro. and Sis. S Rolle and Eld. Norman Seymour.

Friday evening’s program commenced with a melodious singspiration on wheels, as the delegation joined by other church members travelled by bus from Seaview to Devil’s point, a journey of approximately 90 minutes. Time passed quickly as they sung reassuring hymns and praise he Lord of the Sabbath. On reaching the Devil’s Point SDA Church, the travellers were received by the local congregation and the praises continued. Okell Damastas delivered the night’s message, “ The world’s Greatest Infomercial”, which was well received.

As the sun rose on Sabbath morning so did the anticipation of the members of the Seaview SDA church, they were in for a treat. The Sabbath School program was moderated by Sis Darlene Deveaux under the theme “God’s Garden”. Special recognition was paid to Margret Cleare, George Williams, Cosett Johnson, Eugene Marcellus, Brittney Marcellus and Rudolph Hart for outstanding service. The children story was presented by Tawisha Ewen, Wife of the church pastor while Pastor Kenny Deveaux delivered a soul-searching sermon entitled “Are you Connected?” Special guests to the services included Pastor and Mrs. Markum Thurston, pastor of the Church of God Dumferies and Mr. Jullian Rolle, Principal of the Auther’s Town High School.

Members who were unable to attend the services were blessed by the visitation program of the afternoon. The Spirit of God certainly moved setting a heavenly tone for the start of the new year.

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