Pastor L B Wellington Visits to Re-launch ASI Chapter

The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is now home to the newest chapter of ASI in the Inter-American Division. Pastor Leon B Wellington, Vice president of The Inter American Division with responsibility for ASI (Adventist Laymen And Services Industries) official re-launched this chapter on Sabbath July 9, 2011. ASI is an association of Adventist Lay persons, business owners and professionals who formally combine their skills and efforts to lend financial and social support to projects of the church.

The ASI Emphasis Sabbath was hosted by the Pastor and members of the New Providence Church where Pastor Wellington served as the Divine Worship speaker. Several past and prospective ASI members were in attendance and were all spiritually stirred to action and commitment. Under the chairmanship of Elder Melvin C Lewis, Pastor Wellington conducted an informative symposium outlining the aims, objectives and benefits of the ASI organization. In attendance was a wide cross section of prominent Adventist Lay business owners and professionals.

Election of officers was the last item on the agenda. Pastor Paul Scavella, President of the South Bahamas Conference, chaired the nominating committee for the officers of the re- established chapter. The following officers were elected for the next two years:

President: Keith L Major
Vice- president: Jeremiah Duncombe
Vice president: Constance Cartwright
Treasurer : C Melvin Lewis (conference representative)
Secretary: Stanley Sands
Public Relation Officer: Dave Williams
Board members: to be determined

Though an independent organization, ASI is fully supported by the SDA organization and as such has representation from all levels of the church. Elder Roderick Sands, treasurer of ACUM is the Union representative while Elder Melvin Lewis, treasurer of the South Bahamas Conference serves as the conference administrator with responsibility for ASI in the South Bahamas.
During the week of August, 17- 20 2011, The Inter- American Division will convene its annual Convention in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is here that the Bahamas Chapter will be officially recognized.

The new President, Elder Keith Major, in his remarks to the association encouraged listeners to endorse their interest with commitment while inviting others to become members. He urged them to join the team as together they all work to support the church in the spreading of the gospel.

Eligible to join ASI is any lay Seventh Day Adventist business owner or person of influence in any organization.
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