Parenting Tip

As we are all aware, children are like sponges. They soak up information and knowledge instantaneously. Children are great learning machines. They learn more through doing (experience) than they do from their parents shouting and talking. Ellen G. White reminds us in the book “Child Guidance,” that the home is the first school. So, we ought to be most careful about our activities, dispositions and attitudes in the environment in which they live.

Teach them the importance of “family time” by creating unique traditions that they enjoy doing. Go to the beach or the park where they can run and play freely under your parental supervision. Include in their list of activities visiting the grandparents on a regular basis. They will learn so much from the grandparents that will last a lifetime.

Children remember and appreciate time with people they love: family members, school and church friends. It is a great thing to always be friends with your children’s friends. So create activities and events where you can meet them in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Laura Buddenber, a renown child expert, says, “When advertising and popular culture tell kids that life is all about ‘getting stuff,” teach your kids to love people and use things, instead of the other way around.”
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